Monday, July 18, 2011


This past week I went 7 days without exercise! When you combine that with a lot of eating you will definitely gain those additional 10lbs. As I try to figure out my new routine or lack there off, I spent the past week not wanting to do a single workout. I think the past 6mo. just plan wore me out mentally and physically. I have been working on my golf game lately, trying desperately to get ready to play decently in the Briarwood member/quest event called the"Tangle". Going forward I am thinking that I may work on my yoga,bodywork, long boarding and cycling. My feeling right now is that swimming and running may be an occasional workout from now on.

The scene at the Targhee Music festival

This weekend my Friend Josh and I cruised down to Driggs ID for the annual Targhee music festival. Originally this would be a family event but this year it would be a guys trip to one of the most beautiful spots and coolest events on earth.

Friday night we arrived and took in Grace Potter and the Nocturnals which is always a great show. The next day, I got up early and took the short trip down the hill and walked 9 holes of golf at the local Muni course, for 9 bucks I was all by myself with the Tetons as the back drop for my ball. Back to Targhee, Josh and I went riding some of the great Targhee single track. We had planned on getting padded up and go downhill mtn biking from the top of the ski hill, but the snow pack is still blocking the downhill trails! probably a good thing in the end. After sweating out the micro beers the night before, we set up our camp in the lawn and chilled in the sun checking out the great Saturday lineup of James McMurtry, Jackie Green and Michal Franti.

the Great Jackie Green doing an amazing Sugeree!

Michael Franti out in the crowd jamming

A great night of people watching and music. The great thing about the Targhee music fest is how great the scene and the Vibe is. very kid friendly and tons of activity's to do in the area. The crowd is very fit- and no- assholes!

Hula sites at Targhee

Kid friendly Targheefest-- check out the dads with their noise canceling headphone kids!

The next day brought much of the same but this time after Golf in the morning I made the grind up to the top of the mountain( 2k up in a couple of miles), I could not get up this climb last year since I was still weak and recovering from surgery, but I did manage to get my fat Ass to the top this year.

The way up to the summit of Grand Targhee ski resort

and at the top

Later on Sunday we even got a visit from my friend Patrick and Wendy Sheehan who the day before had sumited the Grand Teton over in Jackson Wy. After Little feat closed the Sunday show, we busted a move and drove back to Bozeman MT. Now its back to Billings and some summer heat!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Practicing flexible

Well, its been 2 weeks since I decided that Buffalo Springs would be the end of my try at a comeback to competition. I have to say the transition has not been easy. First of all, my family is out on the east coast(we thought I would be training during this time) and not having them around is very hard.

I miss my girls, here is Cale out east looking at butterfly's

Second of all, when you have been in a routine of training for the past 6 months and pretty much that past 20 years, it is difficult to change that routine. Every day I wake up and think it is time to do masters swim practice or a long bike. Now that the goals have changed and my time is being taken up with other things I am practicing being more flexible with exercise. For example, instead of waking up at 4:30a and heading to Masters swim practice, I go to the endless pool later in the day and swim a 1k. I still love to exercise but I am doing a sport only if I feel like it, not because it is what I have to do or what is scheduled. I am sure it will take a while to be good with less training but I am sure that will come. I do know that it wasn't Hard to gain 5lbs! I am now 1/2 way to the 10lb gain that Mike said was a good thing.

Last weekend, I had some folks up for a weekend at the cabin. It was great to get out in the woods and mountain bike the bangtail divide trail for the first time this year. There was still some snow banks that we had to negotiate but the trail was awesome as usual and I still can't believe that some triathletes don't mountain bike! They don't know what they are missing. Nash and I even did a short ski run(on our feet) during the ride. The weekend brought a hike, rides, great eats and drinks and plenty of laughs. I even got some target practice in and planted some Raspberry bushes.( thanks to Steve for the help with the berries and Mark for some good pointers on shooting straight) Thanks to Steve, Mark, Nash, Carissa, Steve and Diana for coming up and keeping me company.

Nash and I contemplating our ski down a snow bank at the bangtail divide trail

Back to the cabin this past weekend brought more perfect weather( 80 high, 50 at night with clear skies. Dr. Pat Duey came up to ride the Bangtail trail. I had signed up to race in the Tour de Bozeman cycling stage(4) race. On Friday night there was a Crit at Big sky, and after thinking about how anaerobic this would be, I decided that an evening mtn bike ride at Bohart Ranch would be more fun, so I bagged the crit and road a couple of hours with Pat. The next day, I was signed up to do the TT down in Bozeman and later the main street sprints, but instead Pat and I had a big breakfast of eggs, bacon and special pancakes and rode an epic mtn bike ride from the cabin( skunk creek-bangtail-stone creek- back up Olsen- grassy mtn-cabin)47 miles in 5hrs 28 min with 6000ft of climbing. Early in on the ride, up skunk creek, we saw a herd(30-40 head) of elk(could not get a pic, those suckers move quick!) and after that we both heard a very deep bark that could of been a pissed off bear, combine that with some deer, horses, and 5 mountain ranges it was an afternoon of cool visuals. A perfect day on the trails and even the snow banks were gone! It was certainly an epic day! and after the ride we celebrated by firing some rounds of my AR-15.( way fun)

covered bridge/barn on Skunk creek road

Pat on some sweet single track

going down the grassy mtn switchbacks with the Bridgers in the background

Sunday, I was signed up to do the road race but instead I did some work around the cabin and took the day off exercise completely. So I blew $85.00 by entering the races but training the art of being flexible was probably more beneficial to my new transition.