Thursday, June 18, 2009

still struggling

Well after a week back home, unfortunately I am not any better and may even feel weaker than ever. However, after going to Dr. Saberhagen today I am not as convinced that I am dying of some disease or cancer. The Doc told me today that she is not surprised that I am feeling as weak and crummy as I am. She believe that at least 2 different viruses have attacked my system and the staff infection can take a month or more to get over. I have 21 more days of the IV anti-boitics and it may take until I am off them to feel stronger and better. It has been very difficult for me to have this little strength and energy. The other day I attempted a flat bike ride with my client Stuart. at 14 mph I felt anaerobic, this due to my very low Hematrocrit level of 31(40s are normal. During the ride I had to take rest breaks every 5miles and even had Stu ride back and get the car to come pick me up when I just couldnt go any more! pretty pathetic! The docs have changed the med some and hopefully I can gain some weight( I am down to 153 lbs) and strength and soon can be back to my normal activity level.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Saturday June 13th Road ride outside @ 2625 Overland Ave. This ride will start at 9:00 A.M. This is a no host ride

Gerry Rhodes is planning on riding to Columbus on Saturday, would you include this in your email blast? Thanks. Steve

Sunday June 14 Mountain Bike ride. Leaves 2554 Burlington at 9am.

Steve M.

(Tour de Cure)

Hello Friends,

I want to share two events that are well worth the time. It is the American Diabetes Associate Tour de Cure and a golf tournament.

Training rides on Thursdays at 6:00 p.m. at Pierce RV. There will be two groups (fast and long distance, slow and shorter distance).

The golf tournament is to help raise money for American Diabetes on July 17.
It's a scramble so you can have fun and talk with friends. There are prizes too along with lunch from Famous Daves.

Any of these events you can contact Kate at 256-0516. She can take check or credit card and cash.

Kate will follow up with an email for you to sign up.


Piecing together a semblence of normalcy

Back at home at last! Jay is 15 lbs. lighter and losing weight every day despite the milkshakes and ensure he's inhaling. He's nauseous because of the medicines he's on. They've finally determined that it was a combination of a virus (that caused his headaches) and a bacterial infection (that infected his heart and almost killed him). The bacterial infection is gone, but the viral one may still be around. He is slated to be on IV antiobiotics for 4 weeks and pain medicine for an indefinite amount of time. Despite these hurdles, he is back to his routine - training clients, a tiny bit of working out and helping out with Chloe. Unfortunately, he is still very weak and forgetful. So be careful! We are so glad to be home and so glad to be working back into our life that was on hold for 2 weeks - and thanks to excellent medical intervention, not longer.

Home sweet Home

being released from Northwestern was a bit crazy when I lost the use of my right leg. it went completely numb as I was getting dressed and it was like swinging a dead piece of meat all the way until getting on the plan. It was cool getting picked up by Billy Carlson's purple limo-- thanks Billy and Dad! the travel was not too bad a non-stop from Chicago to Billings!, I was a bit delirious and weak and still could not eat anything of substance to get my strength back. Anyway I am back and have been trying to get back to work and bring back some normalcy. Still loosing weight with a complete loss of appetite, I am now at 156lbs, a weight I have not been at since early in HS and 8lbs lighter than when I raced Ironman in my Prime. the atrophy is tremendous and the weakness is extreme. I have run a couple times and biked a couple of hours as well but the numbers are pathetic and worse than when I came back from Heart surgery, about 11 min mile pace for 30min and a whooping 120 watts for an hour on the bike. Its just all I have with what is going on inside me right now. It will be interesting to see how long it takes to get some strength back. I cant tell you how awesome all the support from folks near and far has been during this episode. You all have helped keep my spirits up during the worst of times. Mom and Dad, Sue and Paul, Pat and Jenelle, Sarah and Matt B, Viki and steve, billy C., Brian M, the Hobsa's, and so many more that visited and helped us out in our turmoil. Thanks to you all

I am administering the antibiotics myself now through my Picc catheter and have another 14 pills I take on a daily basis. other than feeling weak, my pain is not too bad around a 2 of 10. I hope in time I will be able to put some weight on and get my strength back so I can move with some pace again and get off all these meds. We plan on going to Bozeman this weekend and do some hikes from the cabin, This hopefully will begin to fill up my shriveled, atrophied legs some.

now that I am back coaching and teaching, I want to give a shout out to Adam weaver and Kevin welsh who are racing 70.3 events in Boise and Kansas the next couple of weeks, also the clones running the Heart and sole 5/10k and Sarah, Jason P,and sarah S who are running the jim Bridger run in bozeman tomorrow. Good Luck

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Set to Go home--Finally!

After 10 days at Northwestern memorial hospital, I am finally set to fly home on Tuesday! all my tests are clear and the only explanation the docs have at this point for my symptoms, is that I have a blood born virus of some kind that was seen as endocarditis around my heart at first. then at some point along the way may of been knocked out by the antibiotics. I also may have had a piece of something fly into my brain for a very minor stroke. its all very frustrating and confusing not to know any definite explanation. I am still in very bad head pain so if my meds are not working I still cannot function or eat or sleep. As I lay here they are trying to move me to pill form meds so I can travel. I will be on IV antibiotics for another 6weeks at home with home health care, The good news is that I have been given the green light to play golf with a sleeve covering my PIC IV line! maybe this will cure my Yips! I hve had some great visits from Mike H, Joanne H, Andy A. Kevin K. Cliff W. and many calls from friends all over. Thanks all! it keeps my spirits up. But most thanks shouts out to my family, Sarah who is always a rock of stability and gets things done that make my life much easier, My mom and Dad who flew up and Mom for going to Billings to take care of Chloe, Dad for setting up the limo, my mother in law Evelyn who was kind enough to fly out in my defense as well, My brother Brian who checks in on me and of course Chloe who is confused but tells me every night that I am going to get better soon and that I can't stay away forever! as well as all her activities of the day. And thanks to all the other well wishes I have received. you are all welcome in Montana anytime for a Big sky visit.

hope to be back to normal soon


Thursday, June 4, 2009

more hospital time

Day 5 at Northwestern memorial and another day of medical teams( nuero,heart,infectious etc..) coming through room 1407 like the morning train. Today also brought the usual battery of tests. Today another CT scan trying to figure out the elevated liver numbers, yet another spinal tap( they like to call these lumbar punctures) I guess to much reference to the classic rock spoof! and the more permanent IV line called a PIC that takes the line clear inside my body near my heart( so I can travel with it) all very pleasant. who wouldn't want to be here vs. sunny Montana! the results of all the tests are still being looked over and thought through. The preliminary results are showing that I may have had a blood infection that may of caused my symptoms and a positive heart echo, also a possible virus that may of caused a small stroke. anyway it is still unclear but for now they have the meds working well on the pain and I am able to do things like type and talk to you all! I have to say all of this has stirred up some old relationships and that is always a good thing. times like these make me mad at myself that I don't keep up with old friends. I may be coming home on the weekend( cross my fingers if they can figure out how to keep my head pain in check. looking forward to getting back to montana. Thanks again for all the support I have received from all of you!


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

coachjay update

I am Alive! This is the first time I have been able to type or even stay upright long enough to do so. The Docs have finally found the right combo of meds to keep my pain down to a level where having a capacity to function as a human being is possible-- my apologies--- I just have not been able to communicate at all until now. first off thank all of you for your well wishes! I have been receiving most of them from Sarah and some electronically. You guys and gals along with my great family have kept me going. The Pain I have been suffering from is the worst I have every encountered in my life and it has really tested my nerve and patience. it has been relentless for over a week now. I have not been able to eat, sleep, read, move, poo, etc... I have been able to shake, sweat ,shiver, vomit,and hold my head every time the slightest sound occurs( which are many in a hospital), but as I right this the meds are working, I have my head back and Sarah brought me a chocolate milkshake which is the first food I enjoyed in 8 days! so hopefully things are looking up!

we still don't know what the cause of all this is at this point. I have had some 8x Ct/mri/echo scans and tests and countless pokes and prods, which is less than fun for sure. The Heart looks to be clear at this point with one more heart MRI done last night left to be read. There might of been a small stroke or some debri that flicked up to the back of the brain at some point, or there may of been complications from the spinal tap done in billings. it is all still very unclear. We do know I will be here in the hospital probably for a another week.

I cant wait to get back home and back to some normalcy. My mom is with Chloe in billings and everyone back there has been great helping us out. Sue and Paul, Sarah and Matt Brown, the Dueys, and so many others that have helped us out is why we live where we do! you are the best

hope to talk soon with better topics


No News

Sorry folks. Nothing's changed except he has started asking for strawberry and chocolate milkshakes - so that's a good sign. The MRI of his heart was clear so they still don't know what caused the stroke. He's still in pain and apologizes for not being able to talk to people. He also apologize to clients for not being able to update their training schedules. He is concerned about you and promises to get back to you as soon as possible.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tuesday, June 2

What's wrong with Jay? Well, that has been the question that's confounding us for over a week now (if not his whole life). It turns out the doctors have finally found signs of a small stroke that occurred in the rear of his cerebellum. However, they are still unclear on what caused it. It may have been caused by infected tissue from the heart breaking off and traveling into his brain. So, they are ooking closely at his heart again. Now they are saying that such an infection is often associated with severe head pain. So, if he does have "endocarditis" then at least we have an explanation. He is unfortunately unable to work due to his head pain so his monthly programs will be late. We send our apologies.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Monday, June 1

Hi everyone. The doctors have now decided there is no infection on his heart, so have canceled surgery. That is the good news. The bad news is that his headaches are unabated and they are keeping him here until they can figure out what's wrong with him. If you are in Chicago, he is accepting visitors. If you want to say hi, he has his cell phone with him, and will only answer it if he feels up to it. Thanks again for all your support.