Friday, June 12, 2009

Home sweet Home

being released from Northwestern was a bit crazy when I lost the use of my right leg. it went completely numb as I was getting dressed and it was like swinging a dead piece of meat all the way until getting on the plan. It was cool getting picked up by Billy Carlson's purple limo-- thanks Billy and Dad! the travel was not too bad a non-stop from Chicago to Billings!, I was a bit delirious and weak and still could not eat anything of substance to get my strength back. Anyway I am back and have been trying to get back to work and bring back some normalcy. Still loosing weight with a complete loss of appetite, I am now at 156lbs, a weight I have not been at since early in HS and 8lbs lighter than when I raced Ironman in my Prime. the atrophy is tremendous and the weakness is extreme. I have run a couple times and biked a couple of hours as well but the numbers are pathetic and worse than when I came back from Heart surgery, about 11 min mile pace for 30min and a whooping 120 watts for an hour on the bike. Its just all I have with what is going on inside me right now. It will be interesting to see how long it takes to get some strength back. I cant tell you how awesome all the support from folks near and far has been during this episode. You all have helped keep my spirits up during the worst of times. Mom and Dad, Sue and Paul, Pat and Jenelle, Sarah and Matt B, Viki and steve, billy C., Brian M, the Hobsa's, and so many more that visited and helped us out in our turmoil. Thanks to you all

I am administering the antibiotics myself now through my Picc catheter and have another 14 pills I take on a daily basis. other than feeling weak, my pain is not too bad around a 2 of 10. I hope in time I will be able to put some weight on and get my strength back so I can move with some pace again and get off all these meds. We plan on going to Bozeman this weekend and do some hikes from the cabin, This hopefully will begin to fill up my shriveled, atrophied legs some.

now that I am back coaching and teaching, I want to give a shout out to Adam weaver and Kevin welsh who are racing 70.3 events in Boise and Kansas the next couple of weeks, also the clones running the Heart and sole 5/10k and Sarah, Jason P,and sarah S who are running the jim Bridger run in bozeman tomorrow. Good Luck

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  1. Glad you're home, Jay!
    Get strong, man. You're lucky that you have the best coach in the world! (not to mention the best wife and daughter!)
    Mike F