Thursday, June 18, 2009

still struggling

Well after a week back home, unfortunately I am not any better and may even feel weaker than ever. However, after going to Dr. Saberhagen today I am not as convinced that I am dying of some disease or cancer. The Doc told me today that she is not surprised that I am feeling as weak and crummy as I am. She believe that at least 2 different viruses have attacked my system and the staff infection can take a month or more to get over. I have 21 more days of the IV anti-boitics and it may take until I am off them to feel stronger and better. It has been very difficult for me to have this little strength and energy. The other day I attempted a flat bike ride with my client Stuart. at 14 mph I felt anaerobic, this due to my very low Hematrocrit level of 31(40s are normal. During the ride I had to take rest breaks every 5miles and even had Stu ride back and get the car to come pick me up when I just couldnt go any more! pretty pathetic! The docs have changed the med some and hopefully I can gain some weight( I am down to 153 lbs) and strength and soon can be back to my normal activity level.

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