Saturday, June 6, 2009

Set to Go home--Finally!

After 10 days at Northwestern memorial hospital, I am finally set to fly home on Tuesday! all my tests are clear and the only explanation the docs have at this point for my symptoms, is that I have a blood born virus of some kind that was seen as endocarditis around my heart at first. then at some point along the way may of been knocked out by the antibiotics. I also may have had a piece of something fly into my brain for a very minor stroke. its all very frustrating and confusing not to know any definite explanation. I am still in very bad head pain so if my meds are not working I still cannot function or eat or sleep. As I lay here they are trying to move me to pill form meds so I can travel. I will be on IV antibiotics for another 6weeks at home with home health care, The good news is that I have been given the green light to play golf with a sleeve covering my PIC IV line! maybe this will cure my Yips! I hve had some great visits from Mike H, Joanne H, Andy A. Kevin K. Cliff W. and many calls from friends all over. Thanks all! it keeps my spirits up. But most thanks shouts out to my family, Sarah who is always a rock of stability and gets things done that make my life much easier, My mom and Dad who flew up and Mom for going to Billings to take care of Chloe, Dad for setting up the limo, my mother in law Evelyn who was kind enough to fly out in my defense as well, My brother Brian who checks in on me and of course Chloe who is confused but tells me every night that I am going to get better soon and that I can't stay away forever! as well as all her activities of the day. And thanks to all the other well wishes I have received. you are all welcome in Montana anytime for a Big sky visit.

hope to be back to normal soon



  1. Jay,thinking of you and wishing you well. Glad to hear you'll headed home.
    -Mike Z

  2. Are you back? We needs us an update!