Friday, July 31, 2009

Lovell pass ride

our group with the pass looming to the left

Arie near the top

Trying to get my bike strength back, I through myself into a one of the toughest climbs I have ever done. A small group of us Mark, Arie, Kevin and myself drove to Lovell WY to take on the alt 14 scenic pass! about 25 miles from the turnoff to the summit, I starting a bit further up at the lake and the climb would be around 18 miles with the last 9 miles at nearly a 10% ave grade! my goal was to make it to the top and even though I had to do the weave for some of the last steeps, I did make it to the top which took nearly 1hr and 45 min! I was last in our group but another 20 watts to my ave shows improvement each week. With more climbing this weekend in Bozeman I hope to be riding like myself real soon because getting dropped is not something I am used to or like very much

see you on the roads and trails


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bozeman Bike weekend!

Back in Billings this past week brought the Tangle at the Briarwood. the big member/guest golf tourney. This year my friend Kevin from Chicago came in to fill in for my Dad. A 20 Handicaper Kevin and I were fired up to do as well as possible. unfortunately, we did not finish in the money but we did have our moments. on the second day we fired a 27(9under) best ball score on the back nine. However, the fireworks did come to a close and we began to sputter. It was fun but as golf always is, frustrating as well. Thanks Kevin for a great time and effort!

also this past weekend was Chloe's 4th B-day. Sarah planned a great party with mega kids and fun crafts and games. good times had by all, check out the pictures at the following link:

back to fitness--- Track practice on Weds at 6pm(west HS) and TT practice at the Harley Davidson on Thursday at 6pm will get back into my schedule this week, I also plan on being at masters swim in the Am on Weds and Friday as well.

This weekend I am inviting anyone who is willing to join me for a weekend of epic riding from my Cabin outside of Bozeman. I plan on going up on Friday afternoon and the plan is now to:

Saturday morning starting at 10am from the Cabin or 10:30 at the trailhead, ride the Bangtail trail loop( approx 30miles) ride time usually around 5-5:30 hrs, the ride is not too technical but does have a bunch of climbing including Grassy mtn --approx 1hr, we plan on having a lunch break at the 1/2 way mark and the intensity will not be too hard for me anyway since I am coming back slowly and still only have a 32 Hemocrit level. after the ride some relaxing with beer and bbq on the back porch with one of the best views in Montana!-- if you plan on coming bring some provisions( I will have all the sides and also plenty of other) we may shoot some weapons of the back porch per usual, spin some vinyl and have a general good time! I can sleep around 6-8 folks depending on who wants to get cousy, The next day on Sunday I plan on doing the long loop on the road( from my place we will loop going through Wilsal, Clyde Park, Livingston and back up the canyon, total of 80miles or 5hrs! then it will be back to our cabin were we will do it all again! So if you are interested in a great weekend of riding let me know if you are making the trip and I will send you directions to the cabin.

see you on the trails/roads


Monday, July 20, 2009

Grande Targhee music festival weekend

Even though it was bitter sweat to miss the BSSG weekend this year( and I hope everyone who raced had a great time and results) Our voyage to Grande Targhee for the music festival weekend was a much needed piece of fun after a couple of months of no-fun It was a beautiful drive(5hrs) on Friday. We checked into our Hotel in Taconia( about 30min away) and heading to the festival. It was very easy to park right there and carry our picnic gear to the open grassy area to view the stage and all the surroundings. I brought both mountain and road bikes in order to keep repairing my fitness level. and a good Idea that was! my first ride was in the ricks basin area of single track.( pictures) just epic riding through the wild flowers. some climbing but not too bad as I adjusted to the 7k altitude. then it was kicking back and listening to the great music. highlighted by jackie greens version on Scarlet Bagonias while dancing with my daughter Chloe in the grass. by the way if you are interested next year I might organize a camp around this event let me know. It was great for families. and the kids just played and played all night long.

The next day -Saturday we got to the event earlier around 1pm. I went out for a longer mountain bike ride doing the basin area again before trying to ride to the top of the mountain. I was worried about making the climb up with my lack of fitness but after an hour and a few walk breaks I managed to make the 2+k accent. steep and deep as mike Pigg would say. the views where incredible of the tetons at the top and the decent was worth the pain (the blue sidwinder trail was all I wanted. at the end of the descent there was a real cool skill park( pictures) In fact Driggs and the surrounding areas had much bike advocacy events and many cool shops and Bike friendly surroundings. there was an event taking place in Driggs that morning, called the Tin Cup challenge that included a bunch of running races and ended with a big festival in a park where there was a bunch of advocacy groups and activities for the whole family! (pictured) I talked to the mayor of Victor and a bunch of volunteers where forming there new bike park( pictured).

then it was back to the festival and another great day and night of music. the wallflowers where great(pictured)and the sun and scene was just great all day( many pictures). Great food, beer, crowd. The Targhee music festival is definitely an event to check out---- and don't forget your bike!---on Sunday road the road bike up to tar ghee( an 12 mile climb) where they had a hill climb event the previous week--- barb Linguist won the women in that event in 45 min---my time a bit slower! maybe next year! check out all the pictures at:

Grande Targhee music festival weekend

Even though it was bitter sweat to miss the BSSG weekend this year( and I hope everyone who raced had a great time and results) our voyage to Grande Targhee for the music festival weekend was

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Getting back on schedule

Getting back to my normal routine has been hard but welcomed at the same time. my Hemo level is still tested very low but since getting off the drugs my strength is slowly coming back--- thank God! although it is hard to shallow how slow I am moving. Last Sunday I revisited the Molt loop with Pat D, Stuart, Marie and Sue and somehow I made it around and ave 130w instead of not making it and ave only 100w. I am eating more now and that is helping with my energy and strength. The Boys had a great time watching UFC100 that night at Stu's---incredible fights. Chloe came back from Bozeman with Mom last weekend swimming like Michael phelps-- so we have been at the pool a bunch enjoying her new form. I really missed my little girl during this sick period. This weekend we are heading to the Targhee fest to rekindle our summer fun check out the lineup.
Festival Schedule:
Friday 7/17/09
4:00 PM Lukas Nelson & The Promise of the Real
5:30 PM Jackie Greene
7:15 PM Grace Potter & The Nocturnals
9:00 PM Gov't Mule
Saturday 7/18/09
12:00 PM Tift Merritt
1:30 PM Vedera
3:30 PM James McMurtry
5:30 PM Sonny Landreth
7:00 PM The Wallflowers
9:00 PM Jonny Lang
Sunday 7/19/09
12:00 PM Carrie Rodriguez
2:00 PM Chuck Prophet
4:00 PM Bettye Lavette
6:00 PM Keb' Mo'

oh by the way yesterday I had a good piece of good news to really kickoff hopefully a better period going forward. I made a hole in one on the 12th hole at Briarwood! my second, my first was 30 years ago! a solid 4 iron from 193yrds landing over the pin and backed up down the slope and into the hole-- as Carl would say! shot 4 over 76 but it cost me a bunch of drinks in the Bar!!

We will be missing the Big sky games tri this year but thanks to Jen drinkwalter and Kat N for filling in for me and getting r done! good luck to all the athletes. look for the schedule of group training events to be scheduled per usual including TT practice on Thursday, Track on Weds, Tuesday night Group ride which will this week be the Pryor creek loop starting at 6pm and next week the Molt loop, as well as tonight a open water swim at lake elmo at 6pm and our usual Saturday Group ride and Sunday Long run.


Thursday, July 2, 2009

1 year goal!

since its been 6 weeks of non-activity and sickness, I have decided that getting back my fitness level will need to be methodical and take a bunch of patience. In recent weeks I have not taken any chances with testing activities as normal. the 30mile ride with Stuart a couple of weeks ago resulted in a complete turnaround smack in the middle of the buffalo trail climb while we were barely moving forward. feeling in a complete state of exhaustion I had to go downhill to continue! I was in bed for 3 days after that! anyway I spent a great 3 days at the Bozeman Cabin last week( tying to add to my weak 32 Hemo level! Brook came up and we went for a nice walk in the woods. that in itself left me sleeping at the end( thanks Brook for checking on me and making sure I didn't die!) Now we are on the cape and again trying to rest a bunch. of course its been raining here for a month and still is as I write this. This is actually good, as long as I don't see a bunch of folks exercising it helps my mental state. I did read an interesting piece about Torborjn Sinabalde today, It turns out that Torborjn has the exact same heart condition that I was born with and he has now decided to retire from the sport of triathlon, he is much younger than me and has less of a leak or re-gurge than I do but in he will be forced with the same choices that I was faced with as he gets older.

Two-time World Long Course Tri champ Torbjørn Sindballe is calling an end to his professional triathlon career due to a heart ailment.

"After meeting with the doctors on Tuesday and sleeping on it," said Sindballe, "it was clear to me that I was going to end my career. The past two months have been tough as it has been both a very emotional time and a very complex problem for the doctors to advice on. There is very little hard science on elite endurance athletes with heart malformations, but after reviewing the general recommendations and whatever science there is, I feel this is the right decision as there is a clearly elevated risk that the malfunction will progress if I continue."

The Dane has known about an abnormal heart valve since 2005, and it manifested itself in the most recent Wildflower Triathlon. After the incident in California he has gone through extensive testing and evaluation with Danish experts. After considering their advice Torbjørn has decided to stop his career immediately.

“I am going to miss the lifestyle and the intense excitement of training and racing," wrote Sindballe in a prepared statement. "Of course I’m sad that I will not get to see the impact of the big changes in my training we have made this year and that I will not be able to compete for the crown in Kona. On the other hand I am very proud of what I have achieved. Two ITU Long distance World Champs and a podium in Kona, where I am really not suited to race, is something I will carry with me forever. I have learnt so much and feel very privileged.”

Torbjørn's condition is called a "bicuspid aortic valve." This is the most common heart malformation, found in 1 to 2 percent of the population. Instead of three claps there are only two claps in the one-way aortic valve. Most people with this malformation live their entire lives without ever knowing about it. In some cases complications develop, such as a tightening or a leak in the valve.

Torbjørn has a moderate leak, which means that 20 percent of the blood returns to the heart after each heartbeat. During work the leak drops to about 5-7 percent. It is possible that further hard training and racing would increase the risk of progression so that heart valve replacement would be necessary. Torbjørn’s aorta is moderately dilated, which increases the risk of dissection under heavy workloads.

Clone Report:

Dan Brewer and Paolo Gerbasi finish Ironman CDA. 12:24 and 12:00 respectively, Dr Gerbasi racing on a broken foot! Todd Vralsted finishes the Bighorn 50k in 6.5 hrs after spraining his ankle at mile 5! nice gut check todd!

Jay Still Weak

Jay made it out to Cape Cod on vacation, which is wonderful for our family, but unfortunately he is still very weak and cannot do much activity. He is able to sleep (sometimes), eat (sometimes), talk, walk (a bit), watch movies, and....? The poor guy! It is hard to watch him suffering with these limitations on his normally active life! Most of the things that give him joy in life have been taken away. The emotions, as you can imagine, go up and down. We still don't know how long these symptoms will last. And we still don't have a diagnosis. He says the heart surgery last year was a breeze compared to this. Thanks again for all your support, everyone.