Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas and New Year's

We are hunkered down in our lovely Bridger Canyon cabin for the week, enjoying a respite from work responsibilities, and a bit of quiet before a new life enters our world. We are expecting either a boy or a girl on Jan 14! The weather here is crisp, bright, bluebird and snow-covered - perfect for XC skiing and snowshoing. The views are spectacular and we are still indulging in holiday feasts and visitors.

My brother came for a week of Yellowstone, where we saw wolves, elk and bison, and then skiied the Bozeman golf course and climbed Mt. Nixon in Battle Ridge. The Kosnars came for 2 days of skiing and hiking and playing (their daughter Eileen is Chloe's age). And Chloe is learning to ice skate!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

happy Turkey day

In the past number of weeks we have been spending a bunch of time in the mountains soaking up the many early winter activities. I have been personally motivated to get in better shape as I approach racing in the 50-55 age group in 2011. That being said, it has been very difficult to come back from the illness I had this summer. But for the past 8 weeks I have been making slow progress. I will be racing for the first time in over a year at the huffing for stuffing 10k in Bozeman this T-Day. and then it will be back to the cabin to cook the whole T-day dinner with the help of our guest Mike Ritter, it will be also be great to have Brook and Michelle up for thanksgiving as well.

In December I will be traveling to Atlanta to race with some clients at the Carpet capital 10mile, a staple race we all used to do in my Atlanta days—I will really have to forget the times I used to run there!

I think the skate skiing the past number of weeks up at Bohart ranch has really helped my fitness. I enjoy the challenge of skate skiing the most of any other sport. There is nothing like the loggers loop to get you in Shape. There has also been some good runs, bikes and last weekend a good hike up Bridger bowl for the first turns of the year with Paul. Conditions were pretty good and the powder in the south bowl was fun! Of course those first turns were pretty ratty.

Pat Duey and Mike Ritter at Bohart ranch for early skate skiing

Sarah continues to make our new baby and we are due in a couple of short months, she continually amazes me with her energy, balancing work, motherhood and exercise—look for Sarah to come back as fast as ever after the baby is born in 2010

In other training news: Coachjays 16th annual windtraining class will again take place this January-March. We will be having class in a new location this year! Classes will be held at Sign and Design at 2625 Overland ave and space will be limited! look for details soon to sign up! the first class will be held Tuesday Jan 19th

A number of clients have had great success lately: Ray Brown after qualifying for Kona at Ironman Lousiville, does great at Kona and then raced Iromman Az this past weekend and qualified for Kona in 2010 with a PR of 11:31, and then there is Kevin Welsh who after his bike rack flew off his car on the way to Iroman AZ-- and a semi rolls over it destroying both his and his friend Sydney’s bikes, was able to successfully finish the race on a rented rig with a 10:41 time PRing by 50min! way to go kevin! Also kudos to Sydney for a fin 10:00 race finishing second in her group.

One of my new clients Matt Rosetti had a very fine breakthrough race at the Miami International race finishing second overall in the race! Matt lives and trains in NY city( not the easiest plan to train) Congrats Matt for a great race. Look for Matt on the national scene in 2010

Also congrats to Adam Weaver for a fine performance going 4:14 at 70.3 worlds in Clearwater fl., Mike Fogassey for placing first in the 55-59 age group at the fort desoto sprint in Tampa, And Anton Kort for running a fine 1:23(Pr) at the Washington dc 1/2 marathon and also thank to Anton for stopping by Billings on his way back to Bangkok and treating coach to a great dinner at Walkers! also Dan Brewer with a solid 5:23 1/2 ironman.

I also am honored to be coaching Clay Taulman who is a Major serving our country in Ramali Iraq, Clay is training for Ironman AZ next year

thats it for now

have a great Holiday


Monday, November 23, 2009

The First Snow

Bozeman weekends over the past few weeks have bedazzled us with unexpected snowfall and a wealth of winter sports. Already, Chloe has gone sledding several times, practiced her nordic skiing, and even tested the alpine equipment once! Jay has gone on a barage of skate skiing social dates, while I have stuck to classic in the name of keeping my heart rate down. The sunshine last weekend on fresh powder at Bohart, our XC ski ranch, and the continuous flurries this weekend, gave us wonderful views.

It has really felt like a winter fest frenzy, starting with the Bozeman Ski Foundation Swap the first weekend of November, enabling us to get new used gear. The purchase I'm most excited about are the racing classic skis I inherited from ultrarunner Nikki Kimball, who just completed a victory at the Jungle Marathon in Brazil. Although the new skis require waxing (ugh), the new glide is incredible! Jay's especially excited (I think) about another skate pair, while Chloe simply sized up her ski boots.

Being 31 weeks prego, I'm staying away from signifcant vertical drops, and just trying to stay aerobically active - snowshoeing, running, and whatnot. Jay is training again - with an eye towards next spring. Our Thanksgiving looks to be quiet with just young Billings cyclist Mike Ritter visiting the cabin and Jay taking over in the kitchen (yeah!).

A shout out to clients Matt in NY who finished 3d overal at the Miami International Triathlon, Kevin Welch from Denver and Ray Brown from Atlanta, who both PR'd at Ironman Arizona this past weekend!!!! :-)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Interbike, BLT, Saul Raisin, Hawaii Irornman

Sarah and I are flying to Kona as I write this blog. Ray and Tammy Brown have been gracious enough to invite us out for the Hawaii Ironman world championships. Ray qualified for Kona at Ironman Louisville. It will fun to be a spectator for the race for the first time since Sarah competed in 2003.
Looking back at September at home in Billings, it was a busy month. We broke ground on Montana Cycling and Mark and I took the trip out to Vegas for the Inter-bike show. Interbike was quite a spectacle. I had not been to Vegas since the mid 80s and boy has it changed! The first couple of days were filled with the demo days where we rode bikes outside of Vegas in Boulder City. This was fun and exhausting at the same time. I almost didn’t get out of the Felt tent the first day! And by the end, I could feel the difference from one bike to another with the fatigue that was in my legs. In fact, at the end of one day, I was relegated to an electric powered bike. That was fun to throttle some of the other Billings folks, Rob, Mike and Carissa while only working my wrist!
The best part of Interbike was the cross Vegas race on Wednesday.


The event takes place at night in a lighted soccer field, very cool. It was made more special watching my friend and cycling legend John Howard. He competed in the industry race and at age 63 finished just 3 min in back of the winners. The night before, the Billings crew and John went out to dinner at Jimmy Buffets Margaritaville and had a fun time with the spectacle of watching a babe fly out of a volcano and dive into a giant Margarita glass!
Not a big fan of Vegas, the show was filled with tons of cool bike stuff but when you are opening a bike shop it is a bunch of work as well. It was an exhausting week and I was very glad to get back to Montana.
No rest for the weary -- Montana Cycling put on the BLT century ride just a day after we got back from Interbike! It turned out to be a great event with nearly a 100 participants -- double last year's numbers.


We were very fortunate(thanks to Mark) to get Saul Raisin to come out for the event. Saul is a wonderful and talented guy who raced for the pro team Credit Agricole. In a tragic accident while racing, Saul was severely injured and slipped into a coma. After years of rehab Saul is now back on his bike and doing Triathlons. During his stay here in Billings Saul and I worked on his swimming and running. And now I am coaching Saul in his quest to race the Hawaii Ironman. So far he is a very dedicated pupil(clone) and I have no doubt that Saul will achieve anything he sets out to accomplish. Check out Saul's web site for his complete story at


In Hawaii now and I almost forgot all the buzz that is the Hawaii Ironman world championships! I rented a mountain bike straight away so I can tool around the Kona traffic. Friday we all went on a Helicopter ride around the Island, seeing the lava flowing volcanos, the incredible cliffs and waterfalls of the Big Island and everything in between. It was very cool and I had never been in a Helicopter before! Toshi our pilot was really knowledgeable and fun as our guide.

TAMMY,RAY,SARAH AND I after our Heli ride

Race day was exciting and tiring at the same time. I forgot how damn hot and humid it is here! Boy not used to that living in Montana. My couple of 45 min runs on Alii drive where brutal! The race was very exciting and it made me think that I am a long way from being ready to do one of these things again! Everyone out there yesterday deserves a bunch of credit for their will and preparation. And here's to Chrissy and Craig, who won even without those aero helmets, you looked great!



Ray--- also without the aero helmet -- did great as well! He had not the perfect day. Our house was broken into the night before, his valve on his tire broke and there was gastrointestinal problems that lead to a few too many stops. But all in all he was 15 min faster than his finish in Hawaii in 1997 12 years ago and it was a very hot day.

A few coachjay observations from Kona:

1. It's Hot in Kona

2. 700 aero helmets in the race, in my opinion that is 700 too many, once again the two winners Crissy Wellington and Craig Alexander did not were aero helmets. Do these people think it is better to cook your brain in extreme heat to save a couple of minutes with aerodynamics?

2a. Arm coolers don't work--did you see Chris Lieto jettison his after the bike- if they were cooling him don't you think he would wear them for the run in 100 degree heat?

3. It was reported in the program and on Ironman live that at the end of August Craig
Alexander finished a 500 mile bike week with a 115 mile ride with a set of 12 mile repeats at the track on a 6:30 takeoff, getting each mile at between 5:30 and 6 min, and by the way he ran to and from the track -- an additional 2 miles each way._--Coachjay clones may recognize this workout!

4. The Ironman shuffle out on the Queen K is painful to watch!

5. If you plan on doing this event you had better be prepared for the extreme! and be super fit

Also a shout out to other friends I saw out in the lava fields on Ironman day, Pat Dwyer, Betty Mills (who reached the podium in her first Ironman with a 4th place finish, Chris Ramsey, Dedi Griesbaur who placed 10th in the women, and I am sure I am missing folks).

The day after the race Sarah and I took a stand-up paddle board lesson. Our ex pro-surfer Duane was great and we both were able to get up and do it sort of. The sport is a lot harder than it looks and it involves a ton of balance. I tried to ride some waves but I was a bit tippy and had some nice crashes in the surf! Sarah did catch a good wave with the assistance of Duane pushing her.

Coachjay stand-up paddleboarding for the first time!

On the personal front every thing is well with Sarah, Chloe and I. Sarah is getting bigger growing a baby and is due in mid January. It has already snowed in Billings and I am getting geeked up for snowboarding and skate skiing this winter. Lots of clones have had great achievements lately.

Clone report: Mike Fogassey finishes 3rd in a Florida sprint race with a 1:22 and a pr for that event, Kevin welsh continues to get ready for IM Az with a 5min pr at the Harvest Moon tri, at the Montana governors cup marathon/1/2/10k race we had a bunch of clones competing: Mike Gulledge ran his first 10k and is now officially hooked!as well as Maggie Vrlsted who ran her first 1/2 marathon Paolo Gerbasi ran a solid 1:33 1/2, Sue and Carla both PR'd the 10k with Carla breaking 1hr for the first time. and Cecil Pegram ran another solid Marathon at the govenors cup Matt Rosetti finishes 3rd overall in the central park duathlon, check out the scary footage from that race, Hilton and Anton Kort for great finishes in the triathlon world championships in Australia. Adam Weaver for a solid marathon in 2hrs 56min at St George, Dan Brewer finished the 25 mile rim to rim run in the grand canynon. Carla Cobb and Sue Balter both Pr the 1/2 rock and roll 1/2 marathon in Santa jose. Sarah Ryan,Ali Ryan, and Julie Klarich also kick but at the Santa Rosa Marathon.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Lots of exciting news!

First of all, Sarah and I are expecting our second child! The Baby looks great and we are due in January. We are very excited to be adding to our family and Chloe is sure it will be a brother, although we are not finding out until game day!

Jay and expecting Sarah at the new home of Montana Cycling

The second important news is the launching of Montana Cycling/Gym Jay/and On the Rivet Cafe. It has been a dream of mine as well as my partner's for a long time to bring a new type of bike shop to Billings, MT. The building is nearly 12,000 sq feet and is designed green by a Leed certified architect. Not only a full service bike shop, the building will house a 4,000 sq ft fitness facility called Gym Jay and a unique cafe called "On the Rivet." We broke ground last week and are set to open this winter 2010.

Coachjay and Mark Soueidi at Montana Cycling's job site

Folks have been asking about the lines of bikes we will be carrying and although we have not yet set our product mix (we are in negotiations and will be attending the Inter-Bike show in Las Vegas later this month). I can tell you that my partner and manager of the bike store, Mark Soueidi, will have the best quality of cycling and triathlon gear to meet the needs of every type of rider from kids to the very best equipment and every point in between. Check out more about the project at:

Later this month Montana Cycling will have its kick-off event at the BLT 30/60/100 mile ride on September 27th. This ride is for all levels of bike rider and will have the best BLT festival ever! The ride will start and finish from the Zoo Montana. You can check out the details and register today at This year's event will have raffles, great food and drink, games for the kids, live music and much more!

August was a busy month with all that is going on but I did manage to get some cool activities in. Pat, Todd and I did an epic mtn bike ride outside of Bozeman. We rode mystic lake with the dreaded "wall of death" connecting to the best 20-min downhill in the state at the Levretch trail. Very fun!! I am not 100% back from my illness and I have progressed very slowly which is hard to swallow.

Then, a couple of weeks later, 16 of us rode an epic road ride, traversing the Dead Indian Pass and the Beartooth Pass with the beautiful sunlight basin section in between. A total of 110 miles for those who did the whole thing. I fortunately was shepherded up the pass by Becky Melzer (thanks Becky). My sorry ass was on the side of the road as my legs and back were on fire as well as being attacked by horse flies! I did manage 90 miles and with the help of Joe Keener and was able to get back to Red Lodge barely! Thanks to Ari Goldman and all those who helped make this ride happen. It was a great day, especially when we were at Sam's Tap room for some Red Lodge ales! Can't wait till next year! Check out the pictures at:

This past weekend was the Trail Trek, an event that helps support trail usage and development in Billings. With a new venue, the event was great and big time for the entire family with live bluegrass music and great food! My Mom and Dad attended and it was great to get the whole family out on the trail! Thanks to Stella, Kathy, Darlene, Paul, Sue and everyone else who contributed to the event!

This year's Trail Trek and Coachjay's 1969 Schwinn Corvette

On a clone note: Congrats to Ray Brown who this past weekend qualified for the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii at Ironman Lousiville, Congrats Ray! Also welcome Matt Rosetti from NY City to the coaching stable of Coachjay.

also on the race front Carla Cobb and Sue Balter raced the realtor run 5miler and Pr'd ad well as pam Rogan placing 12th at Age group USAT nationals in Tuscolusa Al and Mark Rabbold competed in his first nationals but had bad luck with a flat tire. also Dr Adam Weaver competed in the Leadville 110 mtn bike race and finished in an impressive 9hrs!

Friday, July 31, 2009

Lovell pass ride

our group with the pass looming to the left

Arie near the top

Trying to get my bike strength back, I through myself into a one of the toughest climbs I have ever done. A small group of us Mark, Arie, Kevin and myself drove to Lovell WY to take on the alt 14 scenic pass! about 25 miles from the turnoff to the summit, I starting a bit further up at the lake and the climb would be around 18 miles with the last 9 miles at nearly a 10% ave grade! my goal was to make it to the top and even though I had to do the weave for some of the last steeps, I did make it to the top which took nearly 1hr and 45 min! I was last in our group but another 20 watts to my ave shows improvement each week. With more climbing this weekend in Bozeman I hope to be riding like myself real soon because getting dropped is not something I am used to or like very much

see you on the roads and trails


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bozeman Bike weekend!

Back in Billings this past week brought the Tangle at the Briarwood. the big member/guest golf tourney. This year my friend Kevin from Chicago came in to fill in for my Dad. A 20 Handicaper Kevin and I were fired up to do as well as possible. unfortunately, we did not finish in the money but we did have our moments. on the second day we fired a 27(9under) best ball score on the back nine. However, the fireworks did come to a close and we began to sputter. It was fun but as golf always is, frustrating as well. Thanks Kevin for a great time and effort!

also this past weekend was Chloe's 4th B-day. Sarah planned a great party with mega kids and fun crafts and games. good times had by all, check out the pictures at the following link:

back to fitness--- Track practice on Weds at 6pm(west HS) and TT practice at the Harley Davidson on Thursday at 6pm will get back into my schedule this week, I also plan on being at masters swim in the Am on Weds and Friday as well.

This weekend I am inviting anyone who is willing to join me for a weekend of epic riding from my Cabin outside of Bozeman. I plan on going up on Friday afternoon and the plan is now to:

Saturday morning starting at 10am from the Cabin or 10:30 at the trailhead, ride the Bangtail trail loop( approx 30miles) ride time usually around 5-5:30 hrs, the ride is not too technical but does have a bunch of climbing including Grassy mtn --approx 1hr, we plan on having a lunch break at the 1/2 way mark and the intensity will not be too hard for me anyway since I am coming back slowly and still only have a 32 Hemocrit level. after the ride some relaxing with beer and bbq on the back porch with one of the best views in Montana!-- if you plan on coming bring some provisions( I will have all the sides and also plenty of other) we may shoot some weapons of the back porch per usual, spin some vinyl and have a general good time! I can sleep around 6-8 folks depending on who wants to get cousy, The next day on Sunday I plan on doing the long loop on the road( from my place we will loop going through Wilsal, Clyde Park, Livingston and back up the canyon, total of 80miles or 5hrs! then it will be back to our cabin were we will do it all again! So if you are interested in a great weekend of riding let me know if you are making the trip and I will send you directions to the cabin.

see you on the trails/roads


Monday, July 20, 2009

Grande Targhee music festival weekend

Even though it was bitter sweat to miss the BSSG weekend this year( and I hope everyone who raced had a great time and results) Our voyage to Grande Targhee for the music festival weekend was a much needed piece of fun after a couple of months of no-fun It was a beautiful drive(5hrs) on Friday. We checked into our Hotel in Taconia( about 30min away) and heading to the festival. It was very easy to park right there and carry our picnic gear to the open grassy area to view the stage and all the surroundings. I brought both mountain and road bikes in order to keep repairing my fitness level. and a good Idea that was! my first ride was in the ricks basin area of single track.( pictures) just epic riding through the wild flowers. some climbing but not too bad as I adjusted to the 7k altitude. then it was kicking back and listening to the great music. highlighted by jackie greens version on Scarlet Bagonias while dancing with my daughter Chloe in the grass. by the way if you are interested next year I might organize a camp around this event let me know. It was great for families. and the kids just played and played all night long.

The next day -Saturday we got to the event earlier around 1pm. I went out for a longer mountain bike ride doing the basin area again before trying to ride to the top of the mountain. I was worried about making the climb up with my lack of fitness but after an hour and a few walk breaks I managed to make the 2+k accent. steep and deep as mike Pigg would say. the views where incredible of the tetons at the top and the decent was worth the pain (the blue sidwinder trail was all I wanted. at the end of the descent there was a real cool skill park( pictures) In fact Driggs and the surrounding areas had much bike advocacy events and many cool shops and Bike friendly surroundings. there was an event taking place in Driggs that morning, called the Tin Cup challenge that included a bunch of running races and ended with a big festival in a park where there was a bunch of advocacy groups and activities for the whole family! (pictured) I talked to the mayor of Victor and a bunch of volunteers where forming there new bike park( pictured).

then it was back to the festival and another great day and night of music. the wallflowers where great(pictured)and the sun and scene was just great all day( many pictures). Great food, beer, crowd. The Targhee music festival is definitely an event to check out---- and don't forget your bike!---on Sunday road the road bike up to tar ghee( an 12 mile climb) where they had a hill climb event the previous week--- barb Linguist won the women in that event in 45 min---my time a bit slower! maybe next year! check out all the pictures at:

Grande Targhee music festival weekend

Even though it was bitter sweat to miss the BSSG weekend this year( and I hope everyone who raced had a great time and results) our voyage to Grande Targhee for the music festival weekend was

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Getting back on schedule

Getting back to my normal routine has been hard but welcomed at the same time. my Hemo level is still tested very low but since getting off the drugs my strength is slowly coming back--- thank God! although it is hard to shallow how slow I am moving. Last Sunday I revisited the Molt loop with Pat D, Stuart, Marie and Sue and somehow I made it around and ave 130w instead of not making it and ave only 100w. I am eating more now and that is helping with my energy and strength. The Boys had a great time watching UFC100 that night at Stu's---incredible fights. Chloe came back from Bozeman with Mom last weekend swimming like Michael phelps-- so we have been at the pool a bunch enjoying her new form. I really missed my little girl during this sick period. This weekend we are heading to the Targhee fest to rekindle our summer fun check out the lineup.
Festival Schedule:
Friday 7/17/09
4:00 PM Lukas Nelson & The Promise of the Real
5:30 PM Jackie Greene
7:15 PM Grace Potter & The Nocturnals
9:00 PM Gov't Mule
Saturday 7/18/09
12:00 PM Tift Merritt
1:30 PM Vedera
3:30 PM James McMurtry
5:30 PM Sonny Landreth
7:00 PM The Wallflowers
9:00 PM Jonny Lang
Sunday 7/19/09
12:00 PM Carrie Rodriguez
2:00 PM Chuck Prophet
4:00 PM Bettye Lavette
6:00 PM Keb' Mo'

oh by the way yesterday I had a good piece of good news to really kickoff hopefully a better period going forward. I made a hole in one on the 12th hole at Briarwood! my second, my first was 30 years ago! a solid 4 iron from 193yrds landing over the pin and backed up down the slope and into the hole-- as Carl would say! shot 4 over 76 but it cost me a bunch of drinks in the Bar!!

We will be missing the Big sky games tri this year but thanks to Jen drinkwalter and Kat N for filling in for me and getting r done! good luck to all the athletes. look for the schedule of group training events to be scheduled per usual including TT practice on Thursday, Track on Weds, Tuesday night Group ride which will this week be the Pryor creek loop starting at 6pm and next week the Molt loop, as well as tonight a open water swim at lake elmo at 6pm and our usual Saturday Group ride and Sunday Long run.


Thursday, July 2, 2009

1 year goal!

since its been 6 weeks of non-activity and sickness, I have decided that getting back my fitness level will need to be methodical and take a bunch of patience. In recent weeks I have not taken any chances with testing activities as normal. the 30mile ride with Stuart a couple of weeks ago resulted in a complete turnaround smack in the middle of the buffalo trail climb while we were barely moving forward. feeling in a complete state of exhaustion I had to go downhill to continue! I was in bed for 3 days after that! anyway I spent a great 3 days at the Bozeman Cabin last week( tying to add to my weak 32 Hemo level! Brook came up and we went for a nice walk in the woods. that in itself left me sleeping at the end( thanks Brook for checking on me and making sure I didn't die!) Now we are on the cape and again trying to rest a bunch. of course its been raining here for a month and still is as I write this. This is actually good, as long as I don't see a bunch of folks exercising it helps my mental state. I did read an interesting piece about Torborjn Sinabalde today, It turns out that Torborjn has the exact same heart condition that I was born with and he has now decided to retire from the sport of triathlon, he is much younger than me and has less of a leak or re-gurge than I do but in he will be forced with the same choices that I was faced with as he gets older.

Two-time World Long Course Tri champ Torbjørn Sindballe is calling an end to his professional triathlon career due to a heart ailment.

"After meeting with the doctors on Tuesday and sleeping on it," said Sindballe, "it was clear to me that I was going to end my career. The past two months have been tough as it has been both a very emotional time and a very complex problem for the doctors to advice on. There is very little hard science on elite endurance athletes with heart malformations, but after reviewing the general recommendations and whatever science there is, I feel this is the right decision as there is a clearly elevated risk that the malfunction will progress if I continue."

The Dane has known about an abnormal heart valve since 2005, and it manifested itself in the most recent Wildflower Triathlon. After the incident in California he has gone through extensive testing and evaluation with Danish experts. After considering their advice Torbjørn has decided to stop his career immediately.

“I am going to miss the lifestyle and the intense excitement of training and racing," wrote Sindballe in a prepared statement. "Of course I’m sad that I will not get to see the impact of the big changes in my training we have made this year and that I will not be able to compete for the crown in Kona. On the other hand I am very proud of what I have achieved. Two ITU Long distance World Champs and a podium in Kona, where I am really not suited to race, is something I will carry with me forever. I have learnt so much and feel very privileged.”

Torbjørn's condition is called a "bicuspid aortic valve." This is the most common heart malformation, found in 1 to 2 percent of the population. Instead of three claps there are only two claps in the one-way aortic valve. Most people with this malformation live their entire lives without ever knowing about it. In some cases complications develop, such as a tightening or a leak in the valve.

Torbjørn has a moderate leak, which means that 20 percent of the blood returns to the heart after each heartbeat. During work the leak drops to about 5-7 percent. It is possible that further hard training and racing would increase the risk of progression so that heart valve replacement would be necessary. Torbjørn’s aorta is moderately dilated, which increases the risk of dissection under heavy workloads.

Clone Report:

Dan Brewer and Paolo Gerbasi finish Ironman CDA. 12:24 and 12:00 respectively, Dr Gerbasi racing on a broken foot! Todd Vralsted finishes the Bighorn 50k in 6.5 hrs after spraining his ankle at mile 5! nice gut check todd!

Jay Still Weak

Jay made it out to Cape Cod on vacation, which is wonderful for our family, but unfortunately he is still very weak and cannot do much activity. He is able to sleep (sometimes), eat (sometimes), talk, walk (a bit), watch movies, and....? The poor guy! It is hard to watch him suffering with these limitations on his normally active life! Most of the things that give him joy in life have been taken away. The emotions, as you can imagine, go up and down. We still don't know how long these symptoms will last. And we still don't have a diagnosis. He says the heart surgery last year was a breeze compared to this. Thanks again for all your support, everyone.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

still struggling

Well after a week back home, unfortunately I am not any better and may even feel weaker than ever. However, after going to Dr. Saberhagen today I am not as convinced that I am dying of some disease or cancer. The Doc told me today that she is not surprised that I am feeling as weak and crummy as I am. She believe that at least 2 different viruses have attacked my system and the staff infection can take a month or more to get over. I have 21 more days of the IV anti-boitics and it may take until I am off them to feel stronger and better. It has been very difficult for me to have this little strength and energy. The other day I attempted a flat bike ride with my client Stuart. at 14 mph I felt anaerobic, this due to my very low Hematrocrit level of 31(40s are normal. During the ride I had to take rest breaks every 5miles and even had Stu ride back and get the car to come pick me up when I just couldnt go any more! pretty pathetic! The docs have changed the med some and hopefully I can gain some weight( I am down to 153 lbs) and strength and soon can be back to my normal activity level.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Saturday June 13th Road ride outside @ 2625 Overland Ave. This ride will start at 9:00 A.M. This is a no host ride

Gerry Rhodes is planning on riding to Columbus on Saturday, would you include this in your email blast? Thanks. Steve

Sunday June 14 Mountain Bike ride. Leaves 2554 Burlington at 9am.

Steve M.

(Tour de Cure)

Hello Friends,

I want to share two events that are well worth the time. It is the American Diabetes Associate Tour de Cure and a golf tournament.

Training rides on Thursdays at 6:00 p.m. at Pierce RV. There will be two groups (fast and long distance, slow and shorter distance).

The golf tournament is to help raise money for American Diabetes on July 17.
It's a scramble so you can have fun and talk with friends. There are prizes too along with lunch from Famous Daves.

Any of these events you can contact Kate at 256-0516. She can take check or credit card and cash.

Kate will follow up with an email for you to sign up.


Piecing together a semblence of normalcy

Back at home at last! Jay is 15 lbs. lighter and losing weight every day despite the milkshakes and ensure he's inhaling. He's nauseous because of the medicines he's on. They've finally determined that it was a combination of a virus (that caused his headaches) and a bacterial infection (that infected his heart and almost killed him). The bacterial infection is gone, but the viral one may still be around. He is slated to be on IV antiobiotics for 4 weeks and pain medicine for an indefinite amount of time. Despite these hurdles, he is back to his routine - training clients, a tiny bit of working out and helping out with Chloe. Unfortunately, he is still very weak and forgetful. So be careful! We are so glad to be home and so glad to be working back into our life that was on hold for 2 weeks - and thanks to excellent medical intervention, not longer.

Home sweet Home

being released from Northwestern was a bit crazy when I lost the use of my right leg. it went completely numb as I was getting dressed and it was like swinging a dead piece of meat all the way until getting on the plan. It was cool getting picked up by Billy Carlson's purple limo-- thanks Billy and Dad! the travel was not too bad a non-stop from Chicago to Billings!, I was a bit delirious and weak and still could not eat anything of substance to get my strength back. Anyway I am back and have been trying to get back to work and bring back some normalcy. Still loosing weight with a complete loss of appetite, I am now at 156lbs, a weight I have not been at since early in HS and 8lbs lighter than when I raced Ironman in my Prime. the atrophy is tremendous and the weakness is extreme. I have run a couple times and biked a couple of hours as well but the numbers are pathetic and worse than when I came back from Heart surgery, about 11 min mile pace for 30min and a whooping 120 watts for an hour on the bike. Its just all I have with what is going on inside me right now. It will be interesting to see how long it takes to get some strength back. I cant tell you how awesome all the support from folks near and far has been during this episode. You all have helped keep my spirits up during the worst of times. Mom and Dad, Sue and Paul, Pat and Jenelle, Sarah and Matt B, Viki and steve, billy C., Brian M, the Hobsa's, and so many more that visited and helped us out in our turmoil. Thanks to you all

I am administering the antibiotics myself now through my Picc catheter and have another 14 pills I take on a daily basis. other than feeling weak, my pain is not too bad around a 2 of 10. I hope in time I will be able to put some weight on and get my strength back so I can move with some pace again and get off all these meds. We plan on going to Bozeman this weekend and do some hikes from the cabin, This hopefully will begin to fill up my shriveled, atrophied legs some.

now that I am back coaching and teaching, I want to give a shout out to Adam weaver and Kevin welsh who are racing 70.3 events in Boise and Kansas the next couple of weeks, also the clones running the Heart and sole 5/10k and Sarah, Jason P,and sarah S who are running the jim Bridger run in bozeman tomorrow. Good Luck

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Set to Go home--Finally!

After 10 days at Northwestern memorial hospital, I am finally set to fly home on Tuesday! all my tests are clear and the only explanation the docs have at this point for my symptoms, is that I have a blood born virus of some kind that was seen as endocarditis around my heart at first. then at some point along the way may of been knocked out by the antibiotics. I also may have had a piece of something fly into my brain for a very minor stroke. its all very frustrating and confusing not to know any definite explanation. I am still in very bad head pain so if my meds are not working I still cannot function or eat or sleep. As I lay here they are trying to move me to pill form meds so I can travel. I will be on IV antibiotics for another 6weeks at home with home health care, The good news is that I have been given the green light to play golf with a sleeve covering my PIC IV line! maybe this will cure my Yips! I hve had some great visits from Mike H, Joanne H, Andy A. Kevin K. Cliff W. and many calls from friends all over. Thanks all! it keeps my spirits up. But most thanks shouts out to my family, Sarah who is always a rock of stability and gets things done that make my life much easier, My mom and Dad who flew up and Mom for going to Billings to take care of Chloe, Dad for setting up the limo, my mother in law Evelyn who was kind enough to fly out in my defense as well, My brother Brian who checks in on me and of course Chloe who is confused but tells me every night that I am going to get better soon and that I can't stay away forever! as well as all her activities of the day. And thanks to all the other well wishes I have received. you are all welcome in Montana anytime for a Big sky visit.

hope to be back to normal soon


Thursday, June 4, 2009

more hospital time

Day 5 at Northwestern memorial and another day of medical teams( nuero,heart,infectious etc..) coming through room 1407 like the morning train. Today also brought the usual battery of tests. Today another CT scan trying to figure out the elevated liver numbers, yet another spinal tap( they like to call these lumbar punctures) I guess to much reference to the classic rock spoof! and the more permanent IV line called a PIC that takes the line clear inside my body near my heart( so I can travel with it) all very pleasant. who wouldn't want to be here vs. sunny Montana! the results of all the tests are still being looked over and thought through. The preliminary results are showing that I may have had a blood infection that may of caused my symptoms and a positive heart echo, also a possible virus that may of caused a small stroke. anyway it is still unclear but for now they have the meds working well on the pain and I am able to do things like type and talk to you all! I have to say all of this has stirred up some old relationships and that is always a good thing. times like these make me mad at myself that I don't keep up with old friends. I may be coming home on the weekend( cross my fingers if they can figure out how to keep my head pain in check. looking forward to getting back to montana. Thanks again for all the support I have received from all of you!


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

coachjay update

I am Alive! This is the first time I have been able to type or even stay upright long enough to do so. The Docs have finally found the right combo of meds to keep my pain down to a level where having a capacity to function as a human being is possible-- my apologies--- I just have not been able to communicate at all until now. first off thank all of you for your well wishes! I have been receiving most of them from Sarah and some electronically. You guys and gals along with my great family have kept me going. The Pain I have been suffering from is the worst I have every encountered in my life and it has really tested my nerve and patience. it has been relentless for over a week now. I have not been able to eat, sleep, read, move, poo, etc... I have been able to shake, sweat ,shiver, vomit,and hold my head every time the slightest sound occurs( which are many in a hospital), but as I right this the meds are working, I have my head back and Sarah brought me a chocolate milkshake which is the first food I enjoyed in 8 days! so hopefully things are looking up!

we still don't know what the cause of all this is at this point. I have had some 8x Ct/mri/echo scans and tests and countless pokes and prods, which is less than fun for sure. The Heart looks to be clear at this point with one more heart MRI done last night left to be read. There might of been a small stroke or some debri that flicked up to the back of the brain at some point, or there may of been complications from the spinal tap done in billings. it is all still very unclear. We do know I will be here in the hospital probably for a another week.

I cant wait to get back home and back to some normalcy. My mom is with Chloe in billings and everyone back there has been great helping us out. Sue and Paul, Sarah and Matt Brown, the Dueys, and so many others that have helped us out is why we live where we do! you are the best

hope to talk soon with better topics


No News

Sorry folks. Nothing's changed except he has started asking for strawberry and chocolate milkshakes - so that's a good sign. The MRI of his heart was clear so they still don't know what caused the stroke. He's still in pain and apologizes for not being able to talk to people. He also apologize to clients for not being able to update their training schedules. He is concerned about you and promises to get back to you as soon as possible.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tuesday, June 2

What's wrong with Jay? Well, that has been the question that's confounding us for over a week now (if not his whole life). It turns out the doctors have finally found signs of a small stroke that occurred in the rear of his cerebellum. However, they are still unclear on what caused it. It may have been caused by infected tissue from the heart breaking off and traveling into his brain. So, they are ooking closely at his heart again. Now they are saying that such an infection is often associated with severe head pain. So, if he does have "endocarditis" then at least we have an explanation. He is unfortunately unable to work due to his head pain so his monthly programs will be late. We send our apologies.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Monday, June 1

Hi everyone. The doctors have now decided there is no infection on his heart, so have canceled surgery. That is the good news. The bad news is that his headaches are unabated and they are keeping him here until they can figure out what's wrong with him. If you are in Chicago, he is accepting visitors. If you want to say hi, he has his cell phone with him, and will only answer it if he feels up to it. Thanks again for all your support.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Update Sun May 31

Jay is still in pain. I told him last night that he must be doing OK, since he is still able to be cantankerous. His reply? "That's all I can be: Cantankerous." He is not seeing any change in symptoms yet. They are doing more testing today. Surgery is still planned for tomorrow. He will have to be on IV antibiotics after surgery for 6-8 weeks IF he does have an infection on his heart, which is still unclear. He says that last time he had his heart valve replaced he won a half ironman, so maybe he will become even better after this one. Love to all of you, Sarah

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Medical Update

Thanks everyone for all your support and phone calls. We are in Chicago at Northwestern Memorial Hospital awaiting heart surgery on Monday. Cardiologists at Billings Clinic detected an infection on Jay's heart wall and med-evacuated us in the middle of the night Friday to Chicago, so he could have the surgery done by the same cardiac surgeon who worked on him before. In a normal heart, the body can clear such an infection with antibiotics, but with a foreign organ (Jay has a cow valve), the body usually cannot clear it. So it is most likely we will replace the valve.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Jay Goes to the Hospital

Jay has come down with a strange bacterial infection in his bloodstream that has kept him out of work, training, and life for over a week now. He made a brief respite last week, when he went out and rode the Beartooth Highway, but unfortunately developed worse symptoms afterwards. After 4 days of fever, puking, severe headache, and swollen glands, he was admitted to Billings Clinic Hospital for intravenous antibiotics. The doctors are worried that his heart valve may be affected. We are praying that is not the case.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

After 4 days of bed rest I was just itching to get out. knowing I was real weak, I opted out of the regular Saturday group ride and drove up to red lodge to ride the beartooth hwy instead. It was the first weekend of the pass being open all the way through. The first half wasn't too bad but when the switchbacks started I really felt the mono legs kicking in. As I rested a bit at vista pt, I was just about convinced that this was enough for today when a few folks encouraged me on. Another couple of miles and again I was tempted to turn back down, but again someone in a car would give me a thumbs up and say " you the man". Then I ran into a bunch of friends from Bozeman including Brook Daly and his wife Michele. They where putting their skins on and going for a ski about 2 miles from the summit. That was just enough to encourage me all the way to the top. I certainly dipped into my suitcase of courage on this 30mile climb with 7000ft of climbing. I was slow as ass but I did it and at least I was exercising again! Of course today my glans are all swelled up again and I probably took a step back from recovering fully. This mono bug is a nasty MoFO. check out the awsome picture gallery of the ride at:

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Well coming back from our vacation to Florida/Denver has been met with Sarah and I contracting Mono! It has been 3-4days of bed rest and misery but we seem to be finally on the mend. Thank God!

Our last days in the Keys where great with a sunset snorkel sail and some nights on the town in Key west. but its nice to be back in Montana where we were met with the same temps but no humidity and no crowds and tourists--much better.

Here in Billings this weekend the regular Saturday group ride will commence at 9am at Sign and Design(route TBD)

also don't forget the upcoming Cowpie Classic and the last training ride for the cowpie at Phipps park(diamand x) next thursday at 6pm

Clone report: congrats to Anton Kort for taking a sprint tri overall win in Thialand last weekend, it was a draft legal race and Anton was able to stay off the front from the start. also congrats to Mike Fogassey for a New Pr in the 70.3 florida race. Sarah Heaton also placed 6th in the Peachtree city olympic tri in Georgia. welcome new clone Sheila Pohlemba as she works toward her first triathlon.

Friday, May 15, 2009

well we only made 1 night tent camping at Bahia honda state park in the lower keys. it was not the best camp site and there was not much sleep. We did laugh a bunch and had fun just the same. The beach was great and we did a nice long run up on the old flagler bridge which was built in the early 1900s and saw a huge iguana. later we headed to Key west and checked into our hotel a day early. we rented some beach cruisers( a funny story in itself) and rode down to Duval street for the sunset celebration and some dinner. off course had to check out sloppy joes( hemmingways hangout) and some key lime pie.

today we are going to do a run down to take the tour of the Hemmingway house and then some other activities later, maybe a biplane ride or parasailing! who knows-- we are relaxing on the fly! plenty of sun too!

activities in Billings:

Saturday May 16th Road Ride. Leaves 2625 Overland at 9 am. Approx 55 mile This is a no Host ride. Ride leaders will be in Red Lodge.

The ride for Saturday May 16th is the yearly ride the pass. We will ride at 9:00 a.m. starting @ The Beartooth Market (IGA) 201 N. Oakes. This ride starts as a group, but everyone rides at their own level. If you would like to start at Greenough Campground, the first group should come by around 10:00ish.
Whatever level--come and enjoy the ride and the scenery.

Thursday MTB rides May .21 & 28. 6pm at Diamond X

Sunday May 31st
Cow Pie Classique
Beginner start 9:45
Sport start 10:45

Steve Mysse and Jim Downs, members of the Spoke Shop's team, begin the the annual Sneakers, Spokes and Spark Plugs Challenge

Hello from Red Lodge Ales!
Red Lodge Ales Brewing Company would like to invite you to our Grand Opening! Come enjoy the final product of 3 yrs of planning, 365+ days of construction, 1231 sheets of drywall, 5 miles of electrical wire, 247 light bulbs and one extremely bald owner (Sam Hoffmann). The party is Saturday, May 16th from 6-10pm. Help us celebrate with live music, delicious beer,pig roast and building tours. The building has several "Green" features that we are proud of and excited to show off! Please see attached for more information

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Here in sunny florida nursing a sunburn and a lousy golf game. tomorrow Sarah and I head to the keys for our adventure. In Billings the track workout is:

warm up and drills followed by main set of 4 x 200 smooth on 1.15 rest/ 800 run at 10k race pace/ 2min rest/2 x 400 fast on 1.5min rest/ 1 mile run best effort/ cool down

Time trial practice on Thursday at 6pm: warm up 8miles including a tempo effort up duck creek climb, on the flats: 6 x 3 min hard vo2 max efforts on 4 min easy spin between, cool down- transition run of 25min or 3miles build to near race pace by the end

Next report from the keys!


Friday, May 8, 2009

The Dead rocked tonight! Great Show! and an even better parking lot scene. It was like back in the 80s.

(Set 1)
Feel Like A Stranger
Casey Jones
Easy Wind
Crazy Fingers
Lost Sailor>
Saint Of Circumstance

(Set 2)
Deep Elem Blues
Me and My Uncle
Whiskey in the Jar
The Weight
Ramble On Rose
King Solomon's Marbles
China Doll
Cumberland Blues
Not Fade Away


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Well, we are in Denver getting ready for tonight's Dead show at the pepsi center, should be a great night. Today Sarah and I did a nice 2hr ride up hwy 24 towards leadville(see pictures). a long climb at 9000ft got our attention for sure, at the top is Camp Hale that housed the 10th mountain division and a old abandoned mining town. The drop down was spectacular!

This Saturday's ride will start at Sign and Design at 9am. route TBD. (50-60miles)

Next post after the dead show then on to Florida.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Thursday Mtn bike training rides for the upcoming Cowpie classic mtn bike race. rides will take place on Thursday May 7th, 14th and 28th at Diamond x( phipps Park) at 6pm.

CowPie Classique

Monday, May 4, 2009

This weeks tuesday night ride will start at the perfect place(pryor loop, 40miles) at 5:30p. coachjay and family will be gone on vacation from Weds May 6th through May 17th. train hard!

This weeksTrack practice workout: after warmup and drills, main set of 1mile run tempo or 10k race pace/ 2 min rest/800 run fast at 5k race pace/ 2 min rest/ 4 x 400 descend on 1.5 min rest

This weeks Thursday night TT practice: after warmup of 8miles, main set of 3 x 10min efforts at 1hr power or effort/.05 harder/ .10 harder all on 5min spin between/ transiton run 20min build

Friday, May 1, 2009

This Sunday may 3rd at 12:00 pm noon a group of us will be doing a run of approx 40-50 min/mtn bike 1hr/ and transition run 20min at Phipps park. come join in on the fun!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

This Saturdays group ride will start at 9am from Sign and design at 2625 Overland ave. This weeks route will take us out to Molt via the hogbacks and out to laurel and back River Road. approx 50miles. all levels welcome!

Congrats to all the hardy souls that took on Peaks to Prairie last weekend! Starting in a near blizzard and facing strong cold snowy headwinds over 400 folks participated, thanks to all the volunteers and organizing committee ( Lona, Maryanne,Cindy, etc. ) There were many great performances. Lots of windtraining participants and coaching clones took part and kicked butt! Brenda Rose, Sarah Keller, Pat Duey, Jennel Duey, clarissa Klarich, Sarah Graves, Jen Reiter, Paolo Gerbasi, Chris Hostetter, Steve Mysee, Jason Frank, and more! Great job check out the results at:

Chloe did the kids bike and running races and did great even though she had a few mechanical issues and distractions from dad!

coming up next week is our family trip-- first to Denver/Vail to visit cousin Harrison, Brian and Amy then to see the Dead in Denver and off to Florida for a visit with my parents and some vacation time. originally I was to do the 70.3 race in Orlando but a recent MRI of my left knee put me on the shelve for a while. I hope to get the knee better without surgery and as of today its feeling much better, but just cannot put the necessary training in right now. But the good news is Sarah and I are planning a trip to the Keys for some camping and a short stay at Key west!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Spring 2009, Jay

It’s been a long winter here in Montana and as I write this on April 8th, it’s still snowing! Must be the global warming umm…well it has been great for snow sports though. We have spent most weekends at the cabin and have done a ton of Nordic skiing at Bohart Cross Country Ski Ranch, and alpine skiing and snowboarding at Bridger bowl.

With the new Schlasman’s expert terrain open we have had some epic days in the deep powder! Cycling legend John Howard even came out to make some turns, it was quite a site to see John in his vintage cycling plus fours on the slopes!

Chloe is really growing up fast (3.5yrs) and is now skiing on the Blue runs making turns all by herself without a wedge or harness its awesome to see and I bet she will destroying me on the slopes in short order. Sarah has been very busy with work and running ultras. She trains with Niki Kimbal (2x Western States champion) and a bunch of her pals that are extremely fit. I skated with her and her friend Bob at West Yellowstone a few weeks ago and after 2.5hrs I was done and they did another 2.5hrs without any problem. It’s always humbling out here.

I did make a race appearance at the powder hound winter triathlon (run, bike, ski) and managed 5th place. These races are really fun and very hard with biking on snow being to most challenging discipline but I did manage my goal of beating all the women participants which is getting harder and harder to do as I approach 50 years old.

Windtraining class was another huge success with our largest turnout yet - 45 participants! Thanks to Jim and all the Spokeshop staff for all their support as well as all the hard work from all who attended.

Although the skiing has been great and there has been a greater than normal snowfall in the Yellowstone Valley, we have had our share of nice warmer days and we have hit some good weather for group rides. Since March we have had a solid 10 - 15 folks on the Saturday long ride and since the time change, the Tuesday night ride has also had a good turnout. Come join us for the group workouts.

Recently I have experienced some concerns with my left knee. I had the knee surgically repaired some 23 years ago which is why I got started in the sport of triathlon in the first place. The repair I had then was only supposed to last 15 yrs so I should be happy it has lasted this long and allowed me to so many extreme events. But it is always troubling to have curtailing physical issues. We will see if this is going to halt my training. I am still planning on doing the Peaks to Prairie Duathlon at the end of April and the 70.3 Orlando race in May. We will see. It may be a rehab year for me. Regardless, we are heading to Denver to see the Dead on May 7th which will be super cool and on to Florida to visit my parents after. Sarah and I are also looking forward to a get-a-way in the Keys by ourselves for camping trip!

After that visit we are planning a multi-sport camp in Boulder Co. (see info at right) and then back to Billings. We also have a very busy summer planned with trips out east and plenty of mountain biking and cabin time. Come out and join us anytime - we love to show off the big sky state!


Spring 2009, Sarah

Well. Where to begin? Last season ended with a stab at the Northface Endurance 50 miler for me in San Francisco on Dec. 6 and then started up again with the Antelope Island Buffalo Run 50 km on March 28. At the endurance 50 I struggled quite a bit over extremely vertical terrain to end up 7th female finisher, and about 1 hour off the lead, at 9 hours and change. I was humbled by the difference between that and how I felt at my first 50 a couple months earlier at Le Griz 50 in Spotted Bear, MT in October, which was relatively flat. Since I am usually strong on hills, I might have been cocky in my preparation for 7-10,000-feet vertical gain and descent in the Marin Headlands.

After all that running, it was nice to be relatively un-focused this winter with a lot of downhill and Nordic skiing. I still managed to get my long runs in, thanks to Nikki Kimball and crew from Bozeman, and Sarah Graves and crew from Billings. That made the transition back to racing this spring a lot easier. I drove down to Antelope Island, Salt Lake, UT with 3 excellent ultra-runners from Bozeman to find a course that was much more interesting and beautiful than expected. The terrain had about 2,300 feet of climbing per loop and spectacular views of the snow-covered mountains across the great lake. Given a nagging hamstring strain and faulty knee I was not expecting to do more than finish. However, by taking the first loop easy (a la Don Dimitri’s advice), I was able to pick up for a 3d place finish in 4:48 only 3 minutes behind ultra superstar, Nikki!

Our car ride home contained the first male, first female, second male (1st Masters) and third female, (1st Masters). It was certainly nice to celebrate such a victory at the Portneuf Brewing Co. in Pocatello, ID!



Hey! I am really excited about using the blogspace. This way, all you clones out there can talk back to us!