Wednesday, June 3, 2009

coachjay update

I am Alive! This is the first time I have been able to type or even stay upright long enough to do so. The Docs have finally found the right combo of meds to keep my pain down to a level where having a capacity to function as a human being is possible-- my apologies--- I just have not been able to communicate at all until now. first off thank all of you for your well wishes! I have been receiving most of them from Sarah and some electronically. You guys and gals along with my great family have kept me going. The Pain I have been suffering from is the worst I have every encountered in my life and it has really tested my nerve and patience. it has been relentless for over a week now. I have not been able to eat, sleep, read, move, poo, etc... I have been able to shake, sweat ,shiver, vomit,and hold my head every time the slightest sound occurs( which are many in a hospital), but as I right this the meds are working, I have my head back and Sarah brought me a chocolate milkshake which is the first food I enjoyed in 8 days! so hopefully things are looking up!

we still don't know what the cause of all this is at this point. I have had some 8x Ct/mri/echo scans and tests and countless pokes and prods, which is less than fun for sure. The Heart looks to be clear at this point with one more heart MRI done last night left to be read. There might of been a small stroke or some debri that flicked up to the back of the brain at some point, or there may of been complications from the spinal tap done in billings. it is all still very unclear. We do know I will be here in the hospital probably for a another week.

I cant wait to get back home and back to some normalcy. My mom is with Chloe in billings and everyone back there has been great helping us out. Sue and Paul, Sarah and Matt Brown, the Dueys, and so many others that have helped us out is why we live where we do! you are the best

hope to talk soon with better topics



  1. Boy, it's great to hear from you! You'll be back before you know it! I just wish you the very best and our prayers are with you daily.

  2. So glad to hear from you, man!
    God bless you. Now, do what the doctor says! (not that I have ever done so!)
    Mike F.

  3. Jay,

    You ever do ECA stacks along the way? They may have compromised the cellular integrity of some of your veins and then a little event may have trigger this. Just a thought.