Sunday, May 31, 2009

Update Sun May 31

Jay is still in pain. I told him last night that he must be doing OK, since he is still able to be cantankerous. His reply? "That's all I can be: Cantankerous." He is not seeing any change in symptoms yet. They are doing more testing today. Surgery is still planned for tomorrow. He will have to be on IV antibiotics after surgery for 6-8 weeks IF he does have an infection on his heart, which is still unclear. He says that last time he had his heart valve replaced he won a half ironman, so maybe he will become even better after this one. Love to all of you, Sarah

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Medical Update

Thanks everyone for all your support and phone calls. We are in Chicago at Northwestern Memorial Hospital awaiting heart surgery on Monday. Cardiologists at Billings Clinic detected an infection on Jay's heart wall and med-evacuated us in the middle of the night Friday to Chicago, so he could have the surgery done by the same cardiac surgeon who worked on him before. In a normal heart, the body can clear such an infection with antibiotics, but with a foreign organ (Jay has a cow valve), the body usually cannot clear it. So it is most likely we will replace the valve.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Jay Goes to the Hospital

Jay has come down with a strange bacterial infection in his bloodstream that has kept him out of work, training, and life for over a week now. He made a brief respite last week, when he went out and rode the Beartooth Highway, but unfortunately developed worse symptoms afterwards. After 4 days of fever, puking, severe headache, and swollen glands, he was admitted to Billings Clinic Hospital for intravenous antibiotics. The doctors are worried that his heart valve may be affected. We are praying that is not the case.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

After 4 days of bed rest I was just itching to get out. knowing I was real weak, I opted out of the regular Saturday group ride and drove up to red lodge to ride the beartooth hwy instead. It was the first weekend of the pass being open all the way through. The first half wasn't too bad but when the switchbacks started I really felt the mono legs kicking in. As I rested a bit at vista pt, I was just about convinced that this was enough for today when a few folks encouraged me on. Another couple of miles and again I was tempted to turn back down, but again someone in a car would give me a thumbs up and say " you the man". Then I ran into a bunch of friends from Bozeman including Brook Daly and his wife Michele. They where putting their skins on and going for a ski about 2 miles from the summit. That was just enough to encourage me all the way to the top. I certainly dipped into my suitcase of courage on this 30mile climb with 7000ft of climbing. I was slow as ass but I did it and at least I was exercising again! Of course today my glans are all swelled up again and I probably took a step back from recovering fully. This mono bug is a nasty MoFO. check out the awsome picture gallery of the ride at:

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Well coming back from our vacation to Florida/Denver has been met with Sarah and I contracting Mono! It has been 3-4days of bed rest and misery but we seem to be finally on the mend. Thank God!

Our last days in the Keys where great with a sunset snorkel sail and some nights on the town in Key west. but its nice to be back in Montana where we were met with the same temps but no humidity and no crowds and tourists--much better.

Here in Billings this weekend the regular Saturday group ride will commence at 9am at Sign and Design(route TBD)

also don't forget the upcoming Cowpie Classic and the last training ride for the cowpie at Phipps park(diamand x) next thursday at 6pm

Clone report: congrats to Anton Kort for taking a sprint tri overall win in Thialand last weekend, it was a draft legal race and Anton was able to stay off the front from the start. also congrats to Mike Fogassey for a New Pr in the 70.3 florida race. Sarah Heaton also placed 6th in the Peachtree city olympic tri in Georgia. welcome new clone Sheila Pohlemba as she works toward her first triathlon.

Friday, May 15, 2009

well we only made 1 night tent camping at Bahia honda state park in the lower keys. it was not the best camp site and there was not much sleep. We did laugh a bunch and had fun just the same. The beach was great and we did a nice long run up on the old flagler bridge which was built in the early 1900s and saw a huge iguana. later we headed to Key west and checked into our hotel a day early. we rented some beach cruisers( a funny story in itself) and rode down to Duval street for the sunset celebration and some dinner. off course had to check out sloppy joes( hemmingways hangout) and some key lime pie.

today we are going to do a run down to take the tour of the Hemmingway house and then some other activities later, maybe a biplane ride or parasailing! who knows-- we are relaxing on the fly! plenty of sun too!

activities in Billings:

Saturday May 16th Road Ride. Leaves 2625 Overland at 9 am. Approx 55 mile This is a no Host ride. Ride leaders will be in Red Lodge.

The ride for Saturday May 16th is the yearly ride the pass. We will ride at 9:00 a.m. starting @ The Beartooth Market (IGA) 201 N. Oakes. This ride starts as a group, but everyone rides at their own level. If you would like to start at Greenough Campground, the first group should come by around 10:00ish.
Whatever level--come and enjoy the ride and the scenery.

Thursday MTB rides May .21 & 28. 6pm at Diamond X

Sunday May 31st
Cow Pie Classique
Beginner start 9:45
Sport start 10:45

Steve Mysse and Jim Downs, members of the Spoke Shop's team, begin the the annual Sneakers, Spokes and Spark Plugs Challenge

Hello from Red Lodge Ales!
Red Lodge Ales Brewing Company would like to invite you to our Grand Opening! Come enjoy the final product of 3 yrs of planning, 365+ days of construction, 1231 sheets of drywall, 5 miles of electrical wire, 247 light bulbs and one extremely bald owner (Sam Hoffmann). The party is Saturday, May 16th from 6-10pm. Help us celebrate with live music, delicious beer,pig roast and building tours. The building has several "Green" features that we are proud of and excited to show off! Please see attached for more information

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Here in sunny florida nursing a sunburn and a lousy golf game. tomorrow Sarah and I head to the keys for our adventure. In Billings the track workout is:

warm up and drills followed by main set of 4 x 200 smooth on 1.15 rest/ 800 run at 10k race pace/ 2min rest/2 x 400 fast on 1.5min rest/ 1 mile run best effort/ cool down

Time trial practice on Thursday at 6pm: warm up 8miles including a tempo effort up duck creek climb, on the flats: 6 x 3 min hard vo2 max efforts on 4 min easy spin between, cool down- transition run of 25min or 3miles build to near race pace by the end

Next report from the keys!


Friday, May 8, 2009

The Dead rocked tonight! Great Show! and an even better parking lot scene. It was like back in the 80s.

(Set 1)
Feel Like A Stranger
Casey Jones
Easy Wind
Crazy Fingers
Lost Sailor>
Saint Of Circumstance

(Set 2)
Deep Elem Blues
Me and My Uncle
Whiskey in the Jar
The Weight
Ramble On Rose
King Solomon's Marbles
China Doll
Cumberland Blues
Not Fade Away


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Well, we are in Denver getting ready for tonight's Dead show at the pepsi center, should be a great night. Today Sarah and I did a nice 2hr ride up hwy 24 towards leadville(see pictures). a long climb at 9000ft got our attention for sure, at the top is Camp Hale that housed the 10th mountain division and a old abandoned mining town. The drop down was spectacular!

This Saturday's ride will start at Sign and Design at 9am. route TBD. (50-60miles)

Next post after the dead show then on to Florida.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Thursday Mtn bike training rides for the upcoming Cowpie classic mtn bike race. rides will take place on Thursday May 7th, 14th and 28th at Diamond x( phipps Park) at 6pm.

CowPie Classique

Monday, May 4, 2009

This weeks tuesday night ride will start at the perfect place(pryor loop, 40miles) at 5:30p. coachjay and family will be gone on vacation from Weds May 6th through May 17th. train hard!

This weeksTrack practice workout: after warmup and drills, main set of 1mile run tempo or 10k race pace/ 2 min rest/800 run fast at 5k race pace/ 2 min rest/ 4 x 400 descend on 1.5 min rest

This weeks Thursday night TT practice: after warmup of 8miles, main set of 3 x 10min efforts at 1hr power or effort/.05 harder/ .10 harder all on 5min spin between/ transiton run 20min build

Friday, May 1, 2009

This Sunday may 3rd at 12:00 pm noon a group of us will be doing a run of approx 40-50 min/mtn bike 1hr/ and transition run 20min at Phipps park. come join in on the fun!