Friday, June 12, 2009

Piecing together a semblence of normalcy

Back at home at last! Jay is 15 lbs. lighter and losing weight every day despite the milkshakes and ensure he's inhaling. He's nauseous because of the medicines he's on. They've finally determined that it was a combination of a virus (that caused his headaches) and a bacterial infection (that infected his heart and almost killed him). The bacterial infection is gone, but the viral one may still be around. He is slated to be on IV antiobiotics for 4 weeks and pain medicine for an indefinite amount of time. Despite these hurdles, he is back to his routine - training clients, a tiny bit of working out and helping out with Chloe. Unfortunately, he is still very weak and forgetful. So be careful! We are so glad to be home and so glad to be working back into our life that was on hold for 2 weeks - and thanks to excellent medical intervention, not longer.

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