Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas and New Year's

We are hunkered down in our lovely Bridger Canyon cabin for the week, enjoying a respite from work responsibilities, and a bit of quiet before a new life enters our world. We are expecting either a boy or a girl on Jan 14! The weather here is crisp, bright, bluebird and snow-covered - perfect for XC skiing and snowshoing. The views are spectacular and we are still indulging in holiday feasts and visitors.

My brother came for a week of Yellowstone, where we saw wolves, elk and bison, and then skiied the Bozeman golf course and climbed Mt. Nixon in Battle Ridge. The Kosnars came for 2 days of skiing and hiking and playing (their daughter Eileen is Chloe's age). And Chloe is learning to ice skate!

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