Friday, July 31, 2009

Lovell pass ride

our group with the pass looming to the left

Arie near the top

Trying to get my bike strength back, I through myself into a one of the toughest climbs I have ever done. A small group of us Mark, Arie, Kevin and myself drove to Lovell WY to take on the alt 14 scenic pass! about 25 miles from the turnoff to the summit, I starting a bit further up at the lake and the climb would be around 18 miles with the last 9 miles at nearly a 10% ave grade! my goal was to make it to the top and even though I had to do the weave for some of the last steeps, I did make it to the top which took nearly 1hr and 45 min! I was last in our group but another 20 watts to my ave shows improvement each week. With more climbing this weekend in Bozeman I hope to be riding like myself real soon because getting dropped is not something I am used to or like very much

see you on the roads and trails


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