Monday, July 20, 2009

Grande Targhee music festival weekend

Even though it was bitter sweat to miss the BSSG weekend this year( and I hope everyone who raced had a great time and results) Our voyage to Grande Targhee for the music festival weekend was a much needed piece of fun after a couple of months of no-fun It was a beautiful drive(5hrs) on Friday. We checked into our Hotel in Taconia( about 30min away) and heading to the festival. It was very easy to park right there and carry our picnic gear to the open grassy area to view the stage and all the surroundings. I brought both mountain and road bikes in order to keep repairing my fitness level. and a good Idea that was! my first ride was in the ricks basin area of single track.( pictures) just epic riding through the wild flowers. some climbing but not too bad as I adjusted to the 7k altitude. then it was kicking back and listening to the great music. highlighted by jackie greens version on Scarlet Bagonias while dancing with my daughter Chloe in the grass. by the way if you are interested next year I might organize a camp around this event let me know. It was great for families. and the kids just played and played all night long.

The next day -Saturday we got to the event earlier around 1pm. I went out for a longer mountain bike ride doing the basin area again before trying to ride to the top of the mountain. I was worried about making the climb up with my lack of fitness but after an hour and a few walk breaks I managed to make the 2+k accent. steep and deep as mike Pigg would say. the views where incredible of the tetons at the top and the decent was worth the pain (the blue sidwinder trail was all I wanted. at the end of the descent there was a real cool skill park( pictures) In fact Driggs and the surrounding areas had much bike advocacy events and many cool shops and Bike friendly surroundings. there was an event taking place in Driggs that morning, called the Tin Cup challenge that included a bunch of running races and ended with a big festival in a park where there was a bunch of advocacy groups and activities for the whole family! (pictured) I talked to the mayor of Victor and a bunch of volunteers where forming there new bike park( pictured).

then it was back to the festival and another great day and night of music. the wallflowers where great(pictured)and the sun and scene was just great all day( many pictures). Great food, beer, crowd. The Targhee music festival is definitely an event to check out---- and don't forget your bike!---on Sunday road the road bike up to tar ghee( an 12 mile climb) where they had a hill climb event the previous week--- barb Linguist won the women in that event in 45 min---my time a bit slower! maybe next year! check out all the pictures at:

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