Sunday, March 6, 2011

Gearing up

So, it's been a few weeks now and so far so good. Of course I continue to struggle with being patient with the numbers of training and have to really try to forget the past. I am just trying to stay focused on making small improvements and staying consistent. This is what I am concentrating on right now.

After a brutal week of the flu. Sarah and I took a trip to Steamboat for a teaching conference that Sarah was in charge of organizing and I was able to piggy back on. The trip was awesome! We had an epic skate ski at Catamount lakes the first day. Blue bird skies and perfect skating conditions. Clone Kevin drove up and the next day we did a 3k swim in the outdoor fitness center pool in town all the while it was dumping that famous Steamboat powder. Kevin and I hit the slopes after for some great turns.

The next day it just kept dumping all night and Sarah and I hit the deep powder all day long. We connected with a local musician, that took us under his wing and showed us all the local tree skiing spots on the mountain. And because it was snowing all day the tree skiing was just the ticket for visibility. Tremendous skiing/boarding! We hit another swim, bodywork, run and another day of skate skiing for a pretty productive 4 days of training and fun on the slopes.

Back in Billings, the weather has still been wintery, very weird for around here, its said that we live in the Banana belt but so far this year the banana has gone rotten. So unfortunately, a bunch of my training has been indoors. not much biking outside. I have been doing it but I cant wait to get more miles outside soon! This past weekend I suffered through indoor workouts like never before as the girls went to the cabin, I road 5hrs on the computrainer and even did a 13 mile run on the treadmill, ouch!

my favorite ride from the cabin, much better than the computrainer! please let the weather break!

We have been working hard on trying to get support/sponsors for my quest this year and now this piece is starting to roll in. Sarah has done a great job putting together my story for potential sponsors. I have signed with Wilier bikes, Hammer nutrition and Desoto tri- clothing so far, with some others coming on board soon. I am also excited to be working with Dave Scott on my training. To have someone like Dave advising me on the work I need to do is a real honor and will really help me deal with my challenges as I go through the process.

so just 3 weeks until I tee it up at Powerman Alabama. This race is going to be really tough, partly because it has been a long time since I have done a race like that and because the outdoor riding in Billings as been nil. I will do my best but don't have much expectations here. After the race I will be staying in ATL for a week to get some good training and some climbing miles in. All you folks in the ATL, I would love to hook up with you for some training. Just let me know. I will be swimming at Dynamo, Friday the 25th, Monday the 28th and weds the 28th for sure and will be doing some riding and running as well. probably going the the mountains on Tuesday the 27th depending on the weather. It will be great to be back at the old training grounds. I also will be doing at talk an coming back from heart surgery at the Phidipidies in Sandy springs on weds the 30ths at 6pm and possibly at the Ansley location on the 31st. Come check it out.


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