Tuesday, July 27, 2010

fighting back

The last 8 weeks have been tough since getting back home-- the Drugs have made me feel like shit with the Antibiotics making every thing taste weird( especially beer)My energy has been up and down and the PIC line was a real drag. Fortunately, the PIC line was taken out last week and I am off the Antibiotics! YEAH. It still takes a while to get them out the system but I should be feeling better pretty soon. It is still unclear on what I will be able to do in the future but I am hopeful that I will get the guidance I need soon to set my mind at ease. this is the toughest part of my recovery. I wish there could be some reassurance-- but unfortunately there may never be.

Even though I have not been feeling very well, I have fought to get my life back to normal, working as much as I can and trying to be somewhat active. I have been doing sessions in the park with my clients in the morning since the Outlaws training center was reconfigured for games after the Metra was ripped up during the Tornado. the workouts have been fun for me and my clones. But by the afternoon I would be toast and needed to rest.

The family enjoyed a couple of long weekends at the cabin and even though I was pretty weak I did do a few mountain bike rides with my friends Brook, Michele and Mike Ritter. Boy going uphill with a Hematocrit level of 30 is not a formula for feeling strong on the bike that is for sure.


following Brook for a while anyway

Sarah had a conference in Big sky and took Cale with her leaving Chloe and I at home in Billings. Chloe and I had some great daddy/daughter time together, and thanks to Sue, Paul and Steve Mysee I had some help with food and entertainment. thanks guys! The MSUB summerfest was a blast with lots of kids activities including( unfortunately a gold fish game which brought Chloe her first pets of her own-- after one night we were down to one fish and a lesson about life, death and the right amount of fish food!

We meet Sarah and Cale in Big sky a couple of days later and had some fun Big sky times, Chloe bungy jumped and rock climbed and I even attempted a mtn bike ride there which turned into more of a hike a bike---its steep and high there for me right now--- then it was off to the Targhee music fest--- just like last year-- to get away and have some fun after a trying couple of months-- we arrived just in time for the JGB band which was awesome! then Moe---- The next day Sarah ran the Tin Cup 1/2 marathon (won the masters division) and brought the kids to a free day camp-- how cool is that! while I sleep in and watched the British open at the Hotel. The Mountain biking is great at Targhee with beautiful flowers and buff singletrack-- of course I was only good for the easiest of trails this year which showed that I was weaker than last year at this time. I Just couldn't climb that mountain this year --- no way!

Targhee single track

Then there was relaxing in the sun and taking in the great lawn,scene and music including Shawn Colvin, Grace Potter and Los Lobos. Los lobos was tremendous, doing some dead and ABB songs and jams. Hot music and cool nights--- next year make the trip! its really cool.


Los Lobos jams at the Targhee music fest

Back in Billings-- my Parents came in for 10 days and the old man and I played in the Briarwood tangle golf tourney. I had only swung the club a few weeks by now and it showed as we played pretty poor-- coming in around the middle of the pack. Mom spend the time taking care of the grand kids and doing her chores. Chloe turned 5 and we had a great birthday party with 20 of her friends! Grandma took her in to get her hair done with Braids-- I have to say she is the most beautiful little girl.

Chloe in Braids

Cale is really growing up now and is crawling like a mad women! she is so good and is really fun to play with already-- eating real food now too! and of course her Big sister loves her very much.

Chloe and Cale

Next is a trip to Denver to work with some Clients and then off to Cape Cod to have a visit with Sarah's family and have some beach time, I am entered into the Falmouth road race which should be interesting to say the least-- I hope I finish!

Many Clones have been busy! at the Big Sky state games coachjay clones raked in many medals: Steve Mysee, Mike Ritter, Sue Balter, Paolo Gerbasi, Carla Cobb, and Dave Hein all medaled. also there was Pam Rogan in Georgia who had a strong 1st in her age in Chattagnoga.

talk to you all soon!



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