Thursday, October 7, 2010

The times they are a changing

I know,,,,its been forever. but I confess. I have been sheltering myself from all the changes and fears going on in my head and life. All of these goings on should be a reason to write stuff... but I have retracted to my little family up on the hill and have concentrated my efforts and time with my Wife and Girls. waking up in the morning and feeding Cale and having that incredible smile when she sees her daddy, driving Chloe to Kindergarten is the best. Along with Kindergarten starting, Chloe started soccer and her first game was such a hoot. I filmed the whole thing and found myself being on of those parents on the sideline yikes!---its so unavoidable. Cale is crawling up a storm and is ready to walk real soon, she is only 9months but she is super nimble and has already pulled herself up to standing.

Chloe going in to Blue creek school on her first day

Cale's big smile

Chloe and Cale during Daddy day care

Cale and Dad at the spearfish waterpark

Just a short update on my health.... as of last week. I am still in limbo on what my future might hold... as far as how much I can do and at what level... my blood levels are still very low(anemic) but are coming up ever so slowly. this is a good thing because every time I workout( 5-9 hrs a week all aerobic) I feel like ass! I have however got back into the gym for bodywork, which is great! getting just a bit of resemblance to my old body back. I am planning on getting back into the pool and yoga classes, as soon as I get the motivation to start over in those disciplines as well----- oh it sucks to start from zero--- I know, I know I told you folks that before and I often warn all my clients as well--- don't do it! be consistent with some form of activity if at all possible--- the grave yard is always waiting to claim another. just do it dammit! 2 more months and I may know from Dr. Sample what is next for me--- however, my ID doc has told me that as far as monitoring me for a new infection--- there is nothing they can really do. It seems I am going to have to live with the fear---- that makes life a bit on the scary side.

But I am pushing forward on redirecting my energies in some new and old directions. the past few months I have had some great times and experiences as well as new directions.

Played golf with the old man in the Briarwood tangle only a day after my Pic line was removed, we played ok but not in the money and best of all there was no major fights on the golf course!

I also played in the club championship, which to my amazement I found myself in the final group after shooting a 4 over 76 in the first round. but of course my putting woes continue and I struggled to a 82 the second day and a 5th place finish. not bad for having a hole in my chest still

I completed, barely--- the Dakota 50 mountain bike race in spearfish SD, in 6hrs and 40 minutes, this race was awesome and very difficult, I would of never of even attempted this thing if it wasn't for a dry run epic mountain bike ride at the Bangtail trail with Pat in Bozeman the week before. doing an event like these with no red blood cells I think is about 2x harder than doing the hawaii Ironman completely healthy! I survived the bangtail, so I said ok I can survive this.....we had such a great time in Spearfish. We rented a RV and parked it with the Dueys Rv. The campground was so kid friendly and Chloe was off on her bike the whole time. such a blast. and then there was an afternnon at a great waterpark in town for some cooling off. definitely an event to do next year.

at one of the aid stations in the Dakota 50 mountain bike race about 15miles from the finish---not sure I am going to make it!

at our campsite roasting marshmellows in Spearfish SD

Dad and Chloe at the waterpark

Chloe on her bike

and the girls all together in the water

Another Trip to the cabin and a group ride on the Bangtail with the boys and a BBQ after at the cabin-- great day! a full 40min faster than a few weeks ago-- so I am getting better but it sure doesn't feel it.

Steve Mysee, Wayne Urlenbush, Randy Hammerquist and coach atop grassy mountain on the Bangtail divide trail

Then there was our trip to Denver for 2 further shows at red rocks, Sue, Paul and Pam joined us for some of the best shows I have seen the post Jerry era dead do---what's more to say about that other than, I was able to scam 1st row the second night after showing my chest scar! Sarah and I dancing with the handicapped deadheads--- priceless!

Then Sarah and I flew off to Chicago for my 30th HS reunion in Glen Ellyn IL. I went a couple of days early to see my parents and play some golf at the Acres. That place is just the best. I invited Andy and Kevin from Purdue to come up and play with my Dad. Again my putting sucked but it was a great day never the less. I ran through lake forest and visited Jeffery's grave site. and I was even able to repair my bad sushi experience that Kevin and Sarah dragged me into in Denver by finding a great sushi bar at the Dearpath Inn!

The Reunion was an experience, since I hadn't seen many of the folks for some 10-20yrs. passed out a bunch of business cards to the guys, since many have let themselves go a bit, and the girls well they looked pretty good for the most part, this reunion was much more reminiscing than previous ones. which was great! The Hitters won the football game and are ranked 2nd in the state-- watching them walk down the hill was as cool as it was when I was a kid. I hope we can get some visitors to Montana from reconnecting with my old friends in HS. and yes Jean( I know she reads my blog) I will kick your ASS on the slopes come wintertime, pick the place, Colorado, Montana, Utah.... lets go girl. Pam and Bob we want to see you at Steamboat this winter, no excuses Jean!

Back in Montana one of those life changing items is going back to School-- I feel like Rodney Dangerfield(almost as old) After a lot of thought, I have decided to first get my masters in a new program called Exercise and sport leadership at MSUB with a possible direction towards getting my PHD. I have been hitting a ceiling with my coaching business for sometime now and it was time to look at going further with my knowledge and skill set. With everyone under the sun, seemingly, coaching Triathletes it was time to do something more substantial and bigger. Since this is going to take some time I will continue to coach/teach( all be it at a lesser capacity)until I am done with my studies and am ready to venture into new opportunities

On the Clone front: I am so proud of Pam Rogan for her 11th place finish at nationals in Alabama in the 40-45 age group, Pam was first out of the water in 21.20 and had a solid race. Pam as been with me for 10 years, she has 3 young kids is a full time school teacher(Her husband Bob is a full time teacher as well). Needless to say Pam does a lot with the time she has to train! great job girl! Anton Kort also had a remarkable 5th place finish at Sprint nationals after having served our country abroad for the past year. Anton took a flyer on Nationals with the hope of having a great worlds in 2011. Sue Balter had a fine PR at the montana governors cup 10k and congrats to Bill Zink and Mike Gulledge for there PR's in the same race, Mike PR'd by 13 min! Paolo Gerbasi also PR'd at the governors cup with a 1:29 1/2 marathon! and just last night Dylan Johnson,14yrs old won the city cross country meet at riverfront park(2miles) in a stellar time of 11:04! I have been training Dylan throughout the summer and fall and needless to say I am on my bike while he runs! Mike Fogassey down in Florida has had a great Tri season with another top finish and a Pr in the siesta key sprint tri-- its just a matter of time before mike breaks through with a win in the 55-59 age group. I am really looking forward to watching a number of clones racing soon. Adam Weaver will be racing in Kona at the Ironman world championships this Saturday and should be ready to have an awesome race. also Matt Rossetti racing out of NY,NY( of all places) just had a second overall finish in a duathlon in central park and will be racing his first 70.3 race in Austin TX next week, also racing in Austin with be my man Kevin Welsh who after an update LBP test is ready to execute his best race. Both boys are ready to go and have a great one.

one more note: today is the Hawaii Ironman and my predictions are Andreas Raleart(on a Blue) and Chrissy Wellington but could be close on the men's side

The everyday activities here in Billings are as follows:

Monday, Weds and Friday swim practices at the YMCA and at MSUB masters both start at 5:30a

Tuesday: cyclo- cross practice starts at 5:30 at Pioneer park

Weds: track practice at West HS starting at 5:30p

Thursday: Night mtb rides starting at various locations check the BACN announcements for time and place

Saturdays/Sundays: group rides road and mtn bike or cross rides usually start at 9am but check BACN announcements for details

coming up cyclocross races in Bozeman and Billings check out

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  1. Great update! The girls are absolutely gorgeous. I hope your health continues to improve! Any plans to be in ATL??
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