Thursday, November 11, 2010

Winter's Coming!

The first swirls of snow hit the ground this week causing Chloe to get on her snowboots and the Saturday group ride to switch to off road officially this week. We dabbled in a few cyclo-cross races this fall, which was majorly fun but also majorly embarassing for me, having no technical ability whatsoever! We raced the Bozeman Pond series and the Billings Cross Weekend hosted magnificently by Rob Newsome.

I've been rigorously working through the fall, with classes back on track, trying to manage mom care and work with training and outdoor fun. The fall here in Montana has been incredibly warm and sunny, making for wonderful noontime runs with my YMCA group - Sarah Berwald, Cecil Pegram, Renee Coppock and Pam Harder. The weekends have also been great for road cycling which I've enjoyed with Maggie Vralsted and the Saturday group ride.

Now looking at the winter months looming ahead, Jay has already put on his Nordic skis once and is looking to hike and ski downhill this weekend. I'm sticking with the weekend long run on the Billings rims for now, but waiting for that huge snowfall which will bring us all out. Chloe's already signed up for Mogul Mites - 10 weeks this winter.

Jay's started guitar and I'm waiting to hear his first song over Thanksgiving - which we will enjoy with Huffing for Stuffing, the Balter-Reitzes, my mother, and my brother. The best part of Turkey Weekend? CoachJay does all the cooking! I can hardly wait for the first glass of wine, sipped while watching him sweat over Grandma's rolls.

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