Saturday, January 15, 2011

Jay's Comeback

Jay has hit the ground running - quite literally - again! This past week he has returned to serious training and is finding some positive results. He is swimming and running well, and is seeking out some ambitious races for this coming season.

When he's not training, he is still very active. Over the past few weeks, we have spent a lot of time in the mountains of Bozeman - snowboarding, nordic skiing, sledding, showshoing, and the like. Jay skinned up Nixon Peak and boarded down a couple of times - working up a nice sweat in zero-degree weather. (I followed with my own skin and ski, but found the snow a bit crusty).

At Bridger Bowl Ski Resort, we have had the opportunity to go together in some serious powder. We climbed up the ridge a few times and found some awesome powder chutes - always a good time - except for the day when Schlosmann's chairlift led to Slushman's revine. In four feet of slush at the ridge, I found myself in a bit of difficulty as I tried to descend on tele's.

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