Friday, January 21, 2011

The Kiddos

Jay just gasped when he saw the latest pictures of his lovely darlings, so he asked me to post a few on here. Cale was a glowing picture under the Christmas tree...Chloe was dressed to perfection at the cabin....Cale tries to learn how to play guitar....and Mommy goes snowshoing.

Another week went by without a hitch on CoachJay's training front. Fatigue, irritation, and the predictable factors that go along with hard core training are beginning to set in. Guitar practice is getting the short stick as other things take priority.

We also saw the first week of Windtraining classes in Billings - with a lively turnout - and only one significant indoor cycling crash (A shout out to Dave Groshens - we hope you are OK!).

On the clone front, a BIG congrats to Paolo Gerbassi who qualified for the Boston Marathon at the Phoenix Rock N' Roll Marathon. Also Happy Birthday to Todd Vralsted and sympathies to Maggie Vralsted who suffered her 2nd crash of the year - this time on skis.

This weekend, it's off to the cabin for the Sacajawea 15 km Classic Ski Race for Sarah, the 10 km Skate Race for Jay, and Mighty Mite Ski School at Bridger for Chloe.

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