Sunday, June 5, 2011

Ironheart classic/ willard bay tri/ cabin and lead up to lubbock

Since my last post, I have been trying hard to bounce back from the poor outcome at St. Croix. But I have to be honest, it has been much harder to be UP for workouts than before ST. Croix. Each bout of work has been more inconsistent than in the past and it has been very hard to predict how my body feels and reacts to training. It is unclear why exactly this is happening but it is clear that someone with a partial heart transplant trying to compete at a high level is an unknown entity. This could be just the way it is going to be with my new heart or I may be hitting the ceiling on just how I can compete given my circumstances. These thoughts weigh very heavy on my mind going into races these days. There was a time that working this hard gave me a lot of confidence going into races. Over the years I have had some bad days but for the most part I was very consistent when I toed the line. Now things are different and it is uncomfortable to deal with.

a few weeks ago I traveled to Seattle to visit with my friends Carol and Matt Des rosiers (dizzy)and run in the Ironheart classic 8miler. I had not been to Seattle in many years and it was great to spend some time with Diz and Carol since they moved out there. When I got in to Seattle Diz and I went down the Pike Market and saw the sights.

Dizzy at the original starbucks

flying fish at Pike market Seattle

We then headed up to Mt. Vernon where the Des Rosiers live and hit the links for some golf. A really nice golf course where Diz and Carol live. Golf was fun and then great seafood eats. Its really nice to get fresh seafood as a change of pace from what we get in Billings. Great day.

next up the Ironheart classic. I was really trying to see what I could hold for 8 miles running and also wanted to connect with other heart surgery patients that where also competing. As I lined up at the start, you look around and guess on who had a scar on there chest or not. My thought is " I hope I can beat the other heart patients". There were a few fast looking guys up in the front and at the start I went out like I was 30 and went through the first mile at 6:11! shit too fast. I settled back and got into a better pace and pretty much ran 6:30 miles from there on out until the finish, I finished in 51:57 and finished 5th overall and first in the heart patient category. I was somewhat pleased with this race and felt ok but not great through out this effort. I was pleased that I passed Diz and Carol with a 1/2 mile to go on their 4mile walk. something we had smack talked about the night before at dinner! Fun event and a fun day. Thanks to Dave Watkins for putting on the first annual Ironheart classic. We hope to make this a great annual event. Here are the results!

Jay at the Ironheart classic 8miler in Seattle

Dizzy comes down the trail at little mountain near his house In Mt Vernon Wa

Diz and I at the summit of Little mountain

This past weekend I traveled down to Ogden UT for the Willard bay Olympic Distance Triathlon. I chose this race because the timing was right and I could drive to the event. I also would be able to meet my client Jay Preston who lives is Salt Lake. I really needed to get a tri under my belt after St. Croix so as to build some confidence going into Lubbock. After arriving at Ogden I met Jay and we went for a prerace swim. The lake was supposed to be 63 degrees but it was really 51 degrees! buuuur. Jay and I then rode the course easy. The bike course was flat and fast although the roads were not great. Jay and I had a nice dinner and got to know each other.

The race the next day went almost good. In the swim I felt pretty strong and even though I was by myself I felt strong and got into a great rhythm. I would come out of the water in 6th overall in a time of 21:40. On the bike my strategy was to take a bit more time to get to pace and it seemed to work as I felt pretty strong from the go and built into a good pace ave around 278 watts for the first loop(12.5miles)I battled with a younger local guy on the second loop but stayed in control trying to make sure I would have a solid race throughout. My bike time would be 1:01 which would rank me the second fastest bike split of the day. I was very pleased on how I felt on the bike. I did have a bit of a mistake on the T2 as I followed the young guy into the transition and right to his rack instead of mine! damn! that was stupid. it took me a while to figure out that I was in the wrong rack. finally I got to my rack and got my run gear on. Then the run. the first couple of miles I felt descent running sub 7min pace. The run course was on a gravel levy( out and back) after a couple of miles my legs felt weak and my cardio system was also getting stressed. At the turnaround, I had to stop and get some rocks out of my shoes. then it just seemed that I was bogging down and at mile four I felt a bit wrong and had some dizziness which concerned me, so I walked through the aid station and gathered myself. I finished the last mile a bit better, but in the end my 45min run was a disappointment. I had hoped to run in the low 40s here. all in all it was much better than St. Croix and somewhat of a regaining of confidence. I do need to be much better on the run come June 26th. The finish results I would end up at 2:10 which would be good for 4th overall and first old guy. Thanks to Jay Preston for coming up early in the morning to support his coach!

we finally are getting some spring time temps here in Montana! must be the global cooling up here. So we got up to the cabin for the first time in 6 weeks! my favorite ride in the world is heading from the cabin to wilsal/clyde park and this weekend all the way around to livingston. Right now the snow pack is still huge and every thing else is green and finally the wildflowers are coming out.

heading to the back side of the battle ridge climb brutal with 18% grades

aaah the open roads of Montana-- from the cabin--sometimes over an hour without a passing car-- there is nothing like it---

On the Clone front-- congrats to Adam Weaver and Jay Preston for great races at the Boise 70.3 race. Jay was 3rd in his age group in a time of 4;21 posting the fastest amateur bike split of the day. And Adam placed 10th in the same 40-44 age group.

with just a week to go until I hoof it to Lubbock(106 degrees today, Yikes)I am sowing up my last key workouts before my taper/rest. I am feeling pretty good and especially with getting my head around just having a clean race at Lubbock, which is what Mike Pigg and I are calling my goal for this race. I am going to be very strict on my HR number and am going to concentrate on that first. what ever happens with my time and place happens after that. No matter what the result I know I have done everything I could do to prepare and am proud of working through how hard it has been given the way my body is and feels. It has been very hard to attempt this and apart from having the surgeries and pic line drip-- the most difficult thing I have ever tried to do. I am hopeful that I will get to finish line with that clean race!

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