Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Trials & Tribulations

(Post by Sarah:) Well! It has been quite an on-again off-again spring. The weather in MT has produced non-stop rains and cool weather...finally getting into full-on spring this week! Jay's races and training seem to have gone up and down with the weather. First we suffered a big disappointment at St. Croix. Then, with the go-ahead from Dr. Scott Sample, Jay came in 5th overall at the Ironheart 8-miler in Seattle. Now, this weekend, he's headed to an olympic distance at Willard Bay. I sure hope it goes well for him!

On the home front, we have also suffered some significant trials, including home damage due to the moisture, termites, and sliding shale behind our home. Chloe is out of school for the summer and starting camp next week. Cale is still going to "baby school" at MSU Billings. I am still teaching a bit and conducting research on the side.

With the end of my university semester, my training (for nothing in particular) has increased and I am beginning to look around for races. I am planning on doing a trail run in Red Lodge, a 10-mile trail run in Bozeman, the Falmouth Sprint Tri, a century ride in the Beartooths, and perhaps a 50 km in August.

I'll be on the East Coast for the month of July...and will be looking forward to catching up with some of the old crew. Jay will remain in Montana, training and racing.

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