Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Its summer time in Montana! however,some of us are still getting some turns in up in the Beartooth's. And on memorial day we had a butt load of snow at the cabin. But now its hot and some happenings have been happening!. Just some of the news: A great trip with the boys from Billings to Moab for some road and mtn biking Chloe and I have been mtn biking and long boarding together but she was not quit ready for the cow pie classic last month! My wife won the prickly pear ultra and was second in the bighorn ultra as well. She does rock the trail running! Matt Walpoe qualified for 70.3 worlds in Las Vegas! at the Boise 26.2 congrats Matt! also kudos to David L and Chris for fighting through a very difficult day! Chris and Matt have had there share of bumps and bruises but continue to fight it off like the tough clones they are. then there was surf camp where, although the atmosphere and the crowd was not what I had expected,

I did learn to surf and had a great time mountain biking with Sarah's nephew Ben(a andy shleck look alike) who has skills on the mtn bike and we road some 5x in some incredible terrain among the big trees(redwoods) Pam H and Laura E, finished the CDA Ironman for there 50th's and are a joy to work with. congrats to you both. and speaking of Laura and Pam take a look at the very cool Gymjay gear ! Come get yours today
 tonight  is the downtown crit next up the 4th at the cabin, the big sky state games, and the Tangle and of course there is my wonderful girls

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