Thursday, October 13, 2011

Getting off my Ass!

Well, I let myself go a bit too much and hit my drop dead weight of 170. So the buzzer went off and I started my 5 day fast/cleanse. I am writing this on day 4 so if I sound/write a bit foggy that's because I am. Just fyi in the past 4 days I have ingested 2 cups of vegetable soup and 4 glasses juice. Of course I am drinking electrolytes and taking vitamins as well but so far-- less than 1000 calories in 4 days. I have done this before to jump start my discipline, and this time is no different. It is super hard and makes you feel like you are running at the end of the Ironman. 1 day to go and my first real food with be at kindergarten lunch with Chloe at Lunch Buddies tomorrow at noon. Give me 8 grilled cheeses please! (uh o! last night Chloe came down with a fever of 102-- up all night and sick as a dog, my weekend with the kids gets a bit more complicated) The hardest part of a fast is exercise, which I have been trying to be more consistent at---but with no food it makes movement very difficult for sure-- yesterday I ran 5 miles and I swear it felt like a marathon. It is very hard to hold up your arms and you can feel the fat and muscle burning for energy due to no sugar.

My Girls Chloe and Cale during our evening wrestling match

The past month or so have been very busy with lots of work and much more kid duties. I just love taking/picking up the kids from school and doing the everyday duties they require. Starting today I have the kids for 4 days as Sarah heads east for a conference and runs a marathon. We have plans for the corn-Maze, heading to Laurel to the pumpkin patch and lots of daddy day care fun.

stepping back a few weeks, Sarah and I had a great trip down to Denver to see Further at Red Rocks. We had a great time doing the parking lot scene, taking in the great shows and during the day sweating out the toxins with some epic exercise. Friday night old clone Kevin came with us for the experience. and an experience it was. The next day,the three of us went on a mountain bike ride in Golden at Apex park. The ride was hard and we all came away with some scars to prove it. Mine was a nice half chain ring carved into my calf.

Along with my fast/cleanse I have been getting a bit more consistent exercise. I have been riding my bike more than once every couple of weeks and have enjoyed my cross bike up in Bozeman the past couple of weekends. I have also been back in the gym getting my body back from the flab that it has become.

last weekend after a great cross ride at the Bozeman creek trail, I checked out the finish of the Kona Ironman on the computer. I thought the pro race was pretty exciting especially on the womens side. Miranda Caffree trying to run down Chrissy Wellington was pretty cool. I also want to congratulate my clients Jay Preston and Mike Fogassey for excellent races in Kona. Jay met his goal of going under 10hrs going 9:58 and Mike made his dream of running down Ali drive and finishing the Hawaii Ironman! His pictures were awesome and showed the great joy of his experience great job both of you!

I always blog on some thoughts about the race and here are mine from this year

1. I wish they would go back to placing the race date on the first full moon Saturday. Recently the race has not had the severe wind that it had when that was the case. I did the race in 1995 and 1998 and on those years we had head winds that started very early on( mile 30) and again coming back. In comparison, 1998 the winning time( peter Reid) was 8:24 compared to the 8:03 this year. most of that time was on the bike were the pros were going 4:30 or under whereas in 1998 the best pro times were 4:45 or higher. In 98 there were 19 athletes under 9hrs, this year there were almost 40. In 1998 I went 9:27 and placed 46th overall and this year my 9:27 would of placed me 127th. Much of the same comparisons can be made in 1995 as well.. Almost all the best bike times have been set since the change to the date but interestingly Mark Allen and Dave Scott still hold the best run times 2:41 and 2:40 in 1989.

2. I wish they would go back to starting the age groupers and pros together--allowing for the same race conditions by all. I don't mind the pros getting the pole position but this 30min delay can mean totally different conditions for the age groupers, and not allowing an age grouper to compete for the overall. You say an age grouper can't compete for the overall? well this year you had an age grouper getting 26th overall( 11 min from the podium) and another that had the 2nd fastest run of the day, running 2:43. This all under harder conditions most likely.

3. and again I call bullshit on aero helmets-- Chrissy again wins without one and Carolyn Steffen as well. Maybe these guys could run better if they did not bake their heads in the heat!

The family at Bridger bowl during raptor fest

raptor at Raptor fest

Sarah and Cale on our hike at Bohart ranch

Last Sunday the fam went for a family Hike near Bridger bowl and took in the Raptor fest and got ready for ski season by cleaning our locker and getting our pictures for our season passes. it was a glorious fall day with the first snow of the year laying down the white stuff at the 7k high mark.

Bridger bowl in October

It is always stunning to see the mountains covering in snow with the aspen tress turning a bright yellow. I headed from Bridger bowl on my cross bike after our family event and climbed up toward Ross peak, getting up to the snow line! amazing ride and views! can't wait for the first ride on my board-- probably a split board climb/run coming soon!

The climb to Ross peak

and on the way back down-- toward the Crazy Mountains


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